The Forbidden Sanctum Talent Competition

This is my particular vision of how Divinia would be...

- I used KRITA and the mouse with which I play POE
UPDATE: We will also not be accepting AI generated art, including fixing up and editing AI generated art.

It has come to this huh? Never in my wildest dreams i imagined we would get to this point in the world(At least in my lifetime). What a time to be alive... :D
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The blood moon rises...


First time joining the contest!
I'm relatively new to Path of Exile and it quickly became my favorite game of all time,
glad to be a part of a new community.

Good luck, exiles.~

Programs used: Procreate (drawing) and Snow (color editing)
Tablet used: Ipad 7th Gen

PS. let me know if art timelapse is required from me
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I recently upgraded my potato PC just in time to participate in this excellent league so I wanted to participate in the talent competition for the first time in awhile as well. Please enjoy my Divinia cosplay! I hope it helps bring Sanctum to life for you.

I don't want to bomb the thread with many images, so I will add more photos and some info for how it was made in spoilers for those who are curious.

More photos

Making of

The first layer I put on is an undershirt I made of spandex with a chainmail print on it. This is supplemented with a EVA foam collar to help keep the collar rigid.

Next is the first overlayer, a grey long shirt sewn in jersey with sleeves trimmed in brown faux leather, which creates the bell effect you can see on the arms.

Following is the second overlayer, which is made of unbleached muslin. I printed the text on this using a 3D printed stamp and a giant ink pad I made of some upholstery foam. I soaked it in diluted fabric paint and stamped the fabric repeatedly. The gold details I simply painted on myself.

The hood is also made of muslin, which I sewed in a long tube using a french seam so it would look neat. I then added a subtle clip on the inside to help it sit where I wanted.

The bracers are made of faux leather with snaps inserted throughout to create the studs. They are lined with brown velvet to give them a more "heavy" appearance and protect my arms from the backside of the snaps. They have zippers in them so I can get in and out of them more easily.

The armor is made of high density EVA foam. I drafted all of the patterns myself and cut, glued, painted and decorated them.

For the finishing touches, I got some rope and soaked it in a solution of fabric paint and water to give it a worn effect. This I paired with some "antique" keys which I purchased to complete the effect.

The pince-nez and amulet were modeled and 3D printed by me. I used some trim from my fabric stash to complete the amulet.

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Psyhopat4o wrote:
UPDATE: We will also not be accepting AI generated art, including fixing up and editing AI generated art.

It has come to this huh? Never in my wildest dreams i imagined we would get to this point in the world. What a time to be alive... :D

yup. and in a few years all our devices, smart homes, smart evs and online services, even our law enforcement agencies and security infrastructures will be interconnected though a highly advanced version of google's neural network Customer Service and Contact Center AI. it amazes and scares me at the same time. skynet vibe is ramping up.

what a time to be alive indeed. XD
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Imagine going to a restaurant where you order something very specific that you may or may not know how to cook. The waiter gives you multiple variations of the food you ordered until you settle for maybe one or two. Does that make you a chef of the food that was served to you now? Do you enter it in a cooking competition with a claim that you created it?

Or lets say you are a book writer who wants a cover for you novel. You commission an artist with instruction on what you wanted on your book cover based on your story. Lets say the artist is generous and handed over multiple completed versions of what you commissioned. Does that make the writer the artist of the said final cover?

Or how about hobbyists who wanted a poster for their DnD characters. They give references to someone to make images based on their input. Surely they own the said character posters, but are they the artist of the said poster?

That is my issue with AI when used with any creative endeavor --- attribution.

The user prompts what they wanted to see (and sooner or later, hear and read) -- the generator tries to comply. Most outputs will be trash but there would be eventually good hits. It's like a client requesting multiple iterations of an art job until they settle on one.
Thing is art clients don't go claiming that they are the artist of the said piece. The client owns the piece but they are not the artist of the piece.

A prompter can order multiple images from the generator with detailed instructions but at the end it is not the prompter who made the decision on how to jam each and every keyword together to make a cohesive image. It is the AI, the AI is the artist, the prompter is just the client. And the developers of the AI are the professors behind the artist.

I have no issues with people owning AI images. I have issues with people claiming they created the AI images. Prompters merely instructed someone (or in this case something) to create an image/text/audio for them but the attribution of the creation is with the AI, not the prompter.

Just imagine, lets go back maybe 5 years before. Would I be allowed to enter an art competition with something that I commissioned/instructed someone else to create? After all it is me who gave the instructions, reference boards, pose samples, other artists to emulate, lighting situation, and composition samples to someone to produce the piece of art that I want to enter in the competition under my name. If that sounds fair to people then..... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Good luck to the people entering the competition! I would love to enter the competition if only there's more time. =P
Hi! I made this silly animation as my entry:

Hope you enjoy it.

Backup upload (unlisted):

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Hey all,

I felt inspired by the medieval ambience of the Sanctum League, which led to my entry titled 'Order of the Sanctum'.

I am fascinated by the stylistic and iconic imagery of a coat of arms and think that it immediately draws a 'medieval' feeling. So I created the coat of arms for the 'Order of the Sanctum'. The members of this order will remain a secret..

The Coat of Arms of the 'Order of the Sanctum'. Varakath, the Waxen, represents the blind devotion of its members:

The coat of arms would perfectly fit as a hoodie design, to show your devotion to the Order:

Some work in progress pictures can be found in the spoiler. The whole design is digitally handdrawn by me, scale by scale, in favour of a genuine medieval feeling. Only mirroring Varakath broke this rule. Hope you all value the effort:


Update 04/02/23: added the helmets
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Hello, here is my first entry for the talent contest, I will try to do one more if I have enough time this week. In case I do not finish the second illustration I hope you like this portrait of Lycia

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Here is my submission for the Talent contest

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