The Forbidden Sanctum Talent Competition

Hi everyone! This is my submission for the competition, cozy Divinia perusing the latest Relic Catalogue, looking for the next unique piece to spice up your Sanctum.

and here is the badly drawn sketch I made at first using my mouse, both done in Photoshop

Templar version of Lycia, before pact with Beidat
Romanovic wrote:

Holy (L)
Romanovic wrote:

A small Divinia Fan art made for the contest
The Forbidden Form

This detailed piece of art is the result of over 100 hours of hard work
[The overall quality is suppressed due to Imgur limitations]

PS. Feet are reworked in this updated version of the artwork.
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Romanovic wrote:
I have 2 hobbies. Doing my fingernails and playing Path of Exile. Here's a crossover as my entry to the talent competition.

Details on fingernail art:
Nail stamping with plates created primarily by Maniology. Most polishes are also from Maniology. Black base color with a matte top coat.
Stamping techniques used include Reverse Stamping and Double Processed Stamping.

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