The Forbidden Sanctum Talent Competition

My entry, I hope I'm not too late
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Hello all! Music is a huge part of my life and one of my favorite parts of playing Path of Exile - so I created a sound reactive visualizer for Lycia’s boss battle music, composed by Michael James Collier.

I tried my best to embody the darkness and intensity of the sanctum and the feelings I experienced fighting Lycia for the first time.
15 afflictions
Melee is hard sanctum league.

Already too late, but here's my should be submission. Good luck exiles

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Goodluck exiles
Psyhopat4o wrote:
UPDATE: We will also not be accepting AI generated art, including fixing up and editing AI generated art.

It has come to this huh? Never in my wildest dreams i imagined we would get to this point in the world(At least in my lifetime). What a time to be alive... :D

It's just time and patience damn how sad that they think that it is not possible
kokoswe wrote:

Hello all, this is my painting for the challenge, I hope you like it :)
fun fact, I depicted 11 ingame items in the scene.

Congrats on your win. Really like how you depicted my sword there. :)
Why am I always right about the wrong things? I knew PoE 2 had to be a new game and mocked anyone claiming otherwise.

I love Diablo IV. Best writing Blizzard has ever done. That's all I really wanted. But I don't play it that much. I don't have to. I love that too.

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