The Forbidden Sanctum Talent Competition

My entry, I hope I'm not too late
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Hello all! Music is a huge part of my life and one of my favorite parts of playing Path of Exile - so I created a sound reactive visualizer for Lycia’s boss battle music, composed by Michael James Collier.

I tried my best to embody the darkness and intensity of the sanctum and the feelings I experienced fighting Lycia for the first time.
15 afflictions
Melee is hard sanctum league.

Already too late, but here's my should be submission. Good luck exiles

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Goodluck exiles
Psyhopat4o wrote:
UPDATE: We will also not be accepting AI generated art, including fixing up and editing AI generated art.

It has come to this huh? Never in my wildest dreams i imagined we would get to this point in the world(At least in my lifetime). What a time to be alive... :D

It's just time and patience damn how sad that they think that it is not possible
kokoswe wrote:

Hello all, this is my painting for the challenge, I hope you like it :)
fun fact, I depicted 11 ingame items in the scene.

Congrats on your win. Really like how you depicted my sword there. :)
The only thing worse than being trolled into giving far too much of my time and effort in earnest is not being able to tell if the other person realises they're trolling. But I suppose if I could tell that, I wouldn't have the highest substantial post count on here.

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