The Forbidden Sanctum Talent Competition

Here's my second submission!
It's the Gilded Chalice relic out of clay gilded with gold leaf. It took wayyy to long and with the help of my dad he Gilded and colored it!
( Here's a work in progress folder: )

Have a good day!

This is my entry for The Forbidden Sanctum Talent Competition. I designed and embroidered two patches of the new league mechanic's icons. One of Varakath, the Waxen and the other is an Item Reward Room.

Just in time delivery. Last year I’ve watched a few youtubers making concept art and I’ve always liked to idea of trying it myself. So I gave it a shot for this contest.

I have included my sketch and my reference materials, so you guys can get an idea of how it is made. Most photos are found on Unsplash and Pexels, which are free to use. I did use two images of Pinterest and included the names of the artists. Hope you guys like it!

HR image


Kinda late, sorry for that, exams kicking in hard.
I hope no1 minds black & white fan art;
This was fun but very time consuming, but still a lot of fun.
I do not know how to draw faces, working on that (for the past year).
Yeah that's it I guess, here it is:

As for proof:
I have every layer if needed
I specifically kept as many layers separated just in case, and ngl that was torture to work with.
POE fan art:
Just a realistic rendition of a sanctified relic :)

and WIP snapshots for authenticity

Hello Exiles!

This is my 2023 Talent Competition entry, in the form of a phone game! If you ever wondered what it would be like run Sanctum over and over again, this is the game for you.

Try to die less than certain streamers!

Gameplay Video:

All Models, textures and code done by me, using Blender and Unity.

Sketchfab Link for the characters:

You can download and play it yourself if you have an Android device!

Download link for the APK:
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Monte69 wrote:
Some PoE meets Hades thingy, hope that's allowed :)

looks like "kill bill" i like it
True Lycia

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