The Forbidden Sanctum Talent Competition

My submission enjoy!
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Here is my submission.
Lycia, Herald of the Scourge! Was short on time so decided to keep it bnw.
My submission: what if Path of Exile had a board game and the Forbidden Sanctum was one of its expansions?
Modelled, rendered and textured in blender and some substance painter.

Obligatory behind the scenes "clay" render
Did think I'd make it :)

Polymer clay sculpt of a Banshee head based on the concept art work sketch A.

Close ups

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Hello all, this is my painting for the challenge, I hope you like it :)
fun fact, I depicted 11 ingame items in the scene.

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(poe sanctum lycia_blood moon)
It took longer than I thought because of the feather.
Sadly, I haven't met the boss yet.
(poe sanctum lycia_normal)

(100% size)
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So here is some shiny things I've got this league.

This is actual buttons, which you can wear to show your loyalty to Order of the Djinn or passion for Heist.

More photos of precious loot in spoiler section :3


VirtualLich wrote:
The Forbidden Form

This detailed piece of art is the result of over 100 hours of hard work
[The overall quality is suppressed due to Imgur limitations]

PS. Feet are reworked in this updated version of the artwork.

Awesome work,nicely done :)
Here's my first submission! (2nd one follows later)
It's the first time playing this Poe season regularly and I absolutely love it. So here's Lycia! Done with watercolor 30x42cm and about 70h of worktime. (Here's a work in progress folder )
Hope you like it and good luck to everyone else!

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