The Forbidden Sanctum Talent Competition

My humble entry for the contest. Not made by ME, but by my sister who likes to watch me die in Hardcore Mode.

Initial artwork was made using CLIP Studio Paint, then she decided to stylize it all like an old ink illustration, similar to the old RPG books from the '80s.

PS: she also recorded herself drawing it but the whole video is something like 1.5 Gb, so I can share that too if someone wants to see the whole progress! :D

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Varakath, the Waxen
Playing cards concept


Aaaa, running out of time! Good luck for the contestants!

Lycia in the Beyond

Hello, here is my submission : Spider Queen

3D modeled, 3D printed and painted by me.

More pictures :

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Some additional pictures of the Spider Queen

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Hi, this is my submission: Risk and Reward

I made it in Illustrator and did some final touches in Photoshop (The slight glow etc.)

Well, it was a bit too late when I found out about the competition, so there was no time to polish the artwork, so I tried to do at least something, very sloppy it is, though. Can provide any process proofs, as psd or just stages, if needed
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