The Forbidden Sanctum Talent Competition

Congratulations to the winners!
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A clear & concise explanation of how the Forbidden Sanctum introduced the solution to one of Path of Exile 1's longstanding mysteries: the origin of Sin and Innocence.
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A little animated parody for the forbidden sanctum
had a lot of fun making it
give it a view, it's kinda funny

Forum pvp
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soyazhe wrote:
I knitted, sewed, and needle-felted this map of a sanctum floor. The icons were difficult to create with wool but I tried my best :)
Thanks GGG for such a great league, it's been my favourite so far!


I made them with midjourney(AI).
I imagined what if the cyrus came and ordered some bugers at the McDonald.
I just want to share my creazy idea with you guys.
Thanks for watching, GL!!!
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For anyone who watched or tried to listen to my video about Sin & Innocence earlier, I've fixed the audio on it. The chilling music no longer overpowers the voiceover :)
Some of these posts are incredible!! Some are more incredibly relatable xD
Good Luck all you gloriously talented Exiles!!
Loved the new bosses in this league so I drew a few of the major ones

Mocked up some stickers on procreate

Here's a draft of them printed and cut on cheap label paper :D

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