3.20.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

whens sextant tab
literally 0 changes to rewards on week 1..well looks like I'm about to drop this game yet again on week 1.. archnemesis is still in the game just removed the coloured text.

Don't you punish your players enough with the load of chores they have to do every league to start playing the game that you have to beat them some more with afflictions and silly mechanics? remember why heist alert with killing guards was never gonna work? this is the exact same concept but you made it worse.. nothing matters there except luck and maybe pray that you dont get hit or let your minions do your job.

I could go on and on but why.. after 3.15 everything seems meaningless and pointless when it comes to anything players want that is reward based.
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Gaining increases to your maximum Resolve now heals your Resolve by that same amount.

And it resets when you enter the next room. Example:

• I had 275/300 resolve
• I use beneficial fountain that gives +200 max resolve; I now show as having 475/500 resolve
• Next sanctum room, I start with 275/500 resolve
Thank you.
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Sweet! I love all of the controller fixes...except one:

"Re-combined the "Compare Item Descriptions" and "Show Advanced Item Descriptions" behaviour into "Highlight Items and Objects" for when you are using a controller as your input method."

I really liked having the ability to compare mods without the busy screen. I found it easier to compare for some reason.

Would you mind explaining why the change was made?
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Is Resolve still a thing ?

Quitting time from season is getting real then, tic toc GGG, time goes by.
Rework the boss mechanics, so that char builds which breezed through e.g. Beachhead maps don't have to die every second time they try to navigate a simple T16 map!
This is close to unplayable - and no, playing slower doesn't help when you suddenly get one-hit by some "harmless-non-AN-buffed" boss =(

*edit* This refers to STANDARD league.
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does this fix the server site instance crashed deletiong all portals?
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Walkiry wrote:
Do you have any intention of changing the Deadly Bladedancer teleporting from offscreen to instahit you for a ridiculous amount of resolve? Because that's so busted it's not even funny.

wow GGG does note even mention that melee is fucking unplayable in sanctum . Nice one , we can just wait until POE 2 until you clowns "fix melee" , right ?

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