3.20.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

Nice changes.
Next, please do something about the rare mods that cause on-death explosions. They've been killing me without warning quite often.
Adding them to rares like this is a little like going back years ago, to when rare monsters had reflect mods ... back then, players had to read all mods, or you risked dying instantly. Now, if you don't read the mods, you risk dying instantly.
The league content seems really bad for melee, and this rare change is the same.
Also, please learn from past mistakes. Re-adding instant non-telegraphed on-death explosions is a major mistake, and the same type of mistake that gets repeated far too often. Those should not have passed the concept stage, and should not have passed QA. They also failed one simple test ...
Before making a change, just think ... would a very experienced hardcore player die instantly to this change, through no fault of their own, and lose dozens of hours of progress? If the answer is yes, don't make the change.
Max resolve healing is the only significant buff.

The amount of affliction penalties on the Sanctum map straight up needs to be halved and then Sanctum would be actually decent.
Alcsaar wrote:
Not a single improvement for melee to make sanctum bearable or at least closer to ranged. Not even a word from GGG regarding this. wow..

"Infernal Sentinel Sanctum Guard's Cleave attack now fires three times fewer projectiles."

If this is the Guard I think it is, this could be big. When approaching guards, running perpendicular to them is a great strategy 90% of the time except for the 10% when it's the guy charging his fire EK (cleave?) attack. In which case you just take 40 resolve damage for the crime of walking through your zone.
There's an issue in sanctum boss/mini boss rooms with some auto-flask setups.

Currently, it takes 1-2 seconds for "used when flask charges reach full" instilling-orbed flasks to activate on entering any new zone (even if you start with full flasks). For certain setups, this can make getting dumped into a room with a boss that attacks immediately very dangerous.

For a low-life 100% uptime coruscating elixir build (using the flask to prevent chaos damage bypassing ES), if you drop into the wraith mini-boss room (does chaos damage) you need to immediately activate the flask manually to prevent yourself risking a 1-shot.

Would recommend looking at the behaviour of this flask mod in general, to fix this: especially if further "fight starts instantly" levels are planned for future content. It's still an issue in maps etc, just less common if you're starting your map from the first portal with no enemies around.
League is going down the toilet and this is the best you could do?
Really disappointing. :(
Alcsaar wrote:
Not a single improvement for melee to make sanctum bearable or at least closer to ranged. Not even a word from GGG regarding this. wow..

sad melee just gone since 3.13....
Please make Sanctum give you at least 2 rooms when you get to maps and 3 rooms when you get to red maps.

Every single rogue lite you are able to fully go through all entire 4 floors, spending a ton of time going through one room at a time & then being able to lose all 25+ rooms to bad RNG with afflictions feels very terrible
Awesome!!!! I love the sanctum! Still kinda sucks for melee builds but my trapper seems to be doing fine. Really hoping this goes core!!!
0 <<< my levels of excitement reading those patch notes
bloodrizer wrote:
0 <<< my levels of excitement reading those patch notes

But you didnt bought 10 supported packs dude, you cannot blame chris's sweaty bald head for not delivering promised "fun" league

altho he did deliver what was promised, it's just lot of ppl got overexcited after trailer as always, and then they play it and got disappointed... as always

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