3.20.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

Have you fixed the bug where you cant drop sanctum relic if the player inventory is full, cause i didnt hear text to speech say it.
Hello, i wanted to bring something to your attention.

Expedition bug:

I have been focusing on Expedition. So i got all the nodes for it on the Atlas Tree. When i got to the point to focus on what person i want to see 90% the time. I picked Tujen (node: Scratchin' up the Ground) and the other three blank. But i dont see tujen in my maps, maybe <20% of the time. its mostly Gwennen or Rog. please fix.

Map drop bug:

Maps wasnt a problem until i got to red maps. Where i start seeing less and less of map drops. So i got every nodes for maps and saw no change. Mean while i running 10 red maps and see 1 or 2 red maps back.... i tried the node(Singular Focus) and unlocked 8 slots for favoured maps. i put in City Square all 8 slots and ran 10 maps and only got 2 back. So i tried a different map, this time i picked Graveyard. Ran 10 maps, only got 1 back.... please fix this. (also i have all 4 voidstones)

At this point i feel like im hitting a wall and i tried different things to fix it but coming up empty handed. Please help. ty.

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