3.20.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

fix hideouts, fix melee, melee is unplayable.
When fixing the metamorphs mirror image bug? They cloning hell fast and need to kill humdreds of metamorphs before the original dies. Pls its sooo anoying and time consuming (5-10 minute fights with a poison seismic build)
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bvanharjr wrote:
fix hideouts, fix melee, melee is unplayable.
Player skill issue
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No Infernum nerfs? That room is simply horrible. Make it more rare at least, so I could dodge it consistently.
Where are the adjustments to goatmen and mage skeletons? I never really experienced it outside of some random offscreen oneshots, but playing something that needs to be close to enemies like Vortex right now is absolutely horrible.
some more fixes and I might start playing the league
Xystre wrote:
literally 0 changes to rewards on week 1..well looks like I'm about to drop this game yet again on week 1.. archnemesis is still in the game just removed the coloured text.

Don't you punish your players enough with the load of chores they have to do every league to start playing the game that you have to beat them some more with afflictions and silly mechanics? remember why heist alert with killing guards was never gonna work? this is the exact same concept but you made it worse.. nothing matters there except luck and maybe pray that you dont get hit or let your minions do your job.

I could go on and on but why.. after 3.15 everything seems meaningless and pointless when it comes to anything players want that is reward based.

Rewards are fine and archnemesis is gone, you can "drop" whenever you want, we know you wont.
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Thanks GGG , as soon as the patch launched my game keeps crashing without any error. Same as the patch in 3.19. get ur coding fixed
Riverwind77 wrote:
Rewards are fine and archnemesis is gone, you can "drop" whenever you want, we know you wont.

You can't be this obtuse. Archnemesis is still in the game, just in a different form and even harder. Maybe you should hunt some essences and let me know how that went for you. They've never removed it and they never said they will, unless you can give me a direct quote from GGG where they state they removed it.
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Thank you !

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