Content Update 3.20.0 -- Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum

Still leaving cyclone in the dust? :(
What about replica conqueror's efficiency? As lots of people brought up when the jewel change was first announced, removing it massively nerfs most mana-based attack builds, rage builds, and CoC as a build archetype generally.

Please consider keeping the replica version and making it the regular version (like you did with Forbidden Shako). I would suggest making it a boss drop from Infinite Hunger and Black Star.
Appreciate you saving me money this Christmas.

Basically just a wall of nerfs, again.

Fix crafting.
Give players power again on the high end.
Buff other ascendancies to be good, don't nerf the good ones to be awful.

Til 3.21 :(
Ok, official things are here, but what about things that are hidden? (and were in past) Where/When official stream about this?
This is actually SO disappointing.
Still no loot changes...

I'm out.
Voltaxic rift has been un-nerfed and a 100% chaos conversion for spark builds is back on the table... When are we getting Consuming Dark back seeing that the idea behind nerfs to Voltaxic rift and Consuming dark were to prevent 100% chaos conversion from being easily accessible?

Also, nerfing Stonethorne is nice, but can we please take a look at Xandro Blooddrinker? That single exile probably killed more characters when trying to do high level lake tablets than any other single monster... Certainly sent me back to hideout some 20+ times.
Primordial Might, Harmony and Eminence are no longer in the core drop pool, and are now found from another more deterministic source.

what exactly is "more deterministic source"?
did you guys get rid of Lord of Steel????

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