Content Update 3.20.0 -- Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum

so basically its nerfed 3.19 league?

not pog champ
Nicely done, thanks!
So. When and how do you get the Primordial Jewels? You basically can't league start a Golem build without knowing where you can get these jewels. Why no mention about how it can be acquired. Why the unnecessary mystery around it?.. it's just stupid.
So it all just nerf nerf nerf, no buff for melee, buff for starforge finally Pog, If you want to play strike skill not with duelist/ marauder f you, you can't just annoint strike additional target as before WOW, what's a great idea and a phenomenal buff to a melee and diversity of builds WOW
Pretty sad that you killed my CwC Hexblast build completely :(

Mana cost of 16 at gem level 1 (previously 10), scaling up to 30 at gem level 20 (previously 20).
"This Spell's Cast Time is added to its Cooldown if Triggered"

You really had to higher Hexblast mana cost? It's already extremely high.
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Dear GGG, can you please clarify what will be with Kalandra's rare rings base types like "Shadowed Ring"? Is it still in game and acquirable or it's removed?
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Withering Step can no longer be used while already Elusive. This change shouldn't affect builds that don't have ways to gain Elusive outside of Withering Step.

Why not make it so that re-using the skill won't reset your Elusive instead of disabling the skill...?
So if you are at 75% elusive when the cooldown hits, it won't reset elusive to max if you want to reuse.
Some builds actually need to reuse withering step to apply wither...
So is all nerfs, with a few uniques buffs but not buffs to other skill gems or ascendacies.

Ok, thanks.
Underwhelming. No major changes. Same meta again. jeez.
Kirax league mods should not be what is already available on scarabs and should NEVER cost more than 3 chaos.
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