Content Update 3.20.0 -- Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum

Still waiting for MTX preview
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Old patchnote format was better.
Beastcrafting and Harbinger is gonna be nuttttty...
Reroll Awakened gems and Watchers Eyes? Thats gotta be BIG beast money.
Reroll Synthesis mods with beasts... what the hell is this.. Bestiary 2 league?
Harbingers having fracture orbs while it being removed from Harvest.. and its on the map device?? jeezus

Relic items (YOINK MINE NOW LE) to buff the temple and a single powerful relic to buff your entire character outside the temple..

Cleave+Cull as support for cheapo HH buffs

This is insane.. and I´ve waited for a Roguelike POE league for ages, always said this should work really well as a league mechanic for POE.. lets find out now!

The ONLY complaint I have is all these unique item buffs are really cool but my god.. seriously.. MAGEBLOOD or HEADHUNTER rarity??? Comooon... actual F
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Really happy with so much of the patch notes and is a great step in the right direction.

Still its a damn shame that we can't get a pass on skills. Many skill just need a 20% bump to feel that little bit smoother, like Essence Drain, we used to get sweeping changes but now its been the same or relatively similar skill balance for 1-2 years. I understand they want to keep the game slower before POE 2 comes out but its still a bit of a let down for the current state of the game.
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Not sure LC needed it but Helix & LS certainly did.

Was hoping for more of a buff shakeup as well but we'll see how it plays out!
What about Non-Channelling Skills mana cost since replica conq is removed? Will it be available in jewelry pool mod?
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bug fix

"Fixed a bug where Auras supported by Divine Blessing socketed in a weapon slot could remain active after weapon swapping if you had another copy of the gem socketed in the same weapon slot."

Because NEVER EVER in the history of PoE have we had an issue with two of the same skill gem in weapon slots creating glitched effects. proof no checklist for new releases.

1. Does Fractured Orb rerolls mods after fracturing?

2. With Kingmaker being very rare now, aren't you afraid that Animate Guardian would be dead?

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