Content Update 3.20.0 -- Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum

No skill gems buffs? So nothing changed in meta..once again... underwhelming

Last edited by luckydavid on Dec 1, 2022, 4:34:18 PM
Great patch notes, thanks for the expeditiousness!
Still no news about anomalous frostbite, anomalous flammability and anomalous conductivity which all gave maximum doom with quality.

What's up with that?
no loot for me, no loot for you. HODL for sure.

No champ nerfs? No seismic nerfs?

You guys gunna what ur doing anymore
Rip all I wanted was a lot of skill/ascendancy changes it feels like we have been playing the same patch for a year now
Nice another league i will not play :) This game is so cringe now
Let`s Go
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Of course you nerf shit people like to play... because why wouldn't you?! Why wouldn't you let people play what they like. I mean buffing shit instead of just nerfing shit wouldn't work at all right? Right?!

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