Content Update 3.20.0 -- Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum

Occultist actually died for AN to be removed lol.

And curses nerfed into the ground with only marginal power increase for bosses.

The league mechanic better be rewarding af and fun else we're gonna have another Kalandra league exodus.
RIP CoC Hexblaast i guess

edit: mathil im on stream please tell me what to replace it with
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Thank you for fixing the Arachnomorph/Tempest Shield bug!
Harvest: ??????? So only gamble left?
removing the 30% strike range mastery is probably one of the worst things i have ever seen.
I like it!
Dayuuum the kingmaker buff tho xD
No meaningful (actually... no changes at all) for minion builds. No improvements to any ascendencies that are severely lacking an identity or reason to pick them outside of very niche situations (or memes).

While I don't expect major revamps... if something was "broken" or otherwise not performing well as a whole (such as Minion skills/builds) they absolutely should have gotten some love in the next patch... this patch.

YES, streamers proved it's possible to make some minion builds work and do "most" content. YES, it is possible. Is it enjoyable? Not in most situations. Is it worth investing in? No.
IGN: SoulCinder
this is SO cringe tbh.
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