3.19.1c Patch Notes

Thank you GGG!!!!
and another update with no change for drops or crafting regarding harvest. haha keep uploading these bs updates and expect people to come back.
if you grind hard enough it might be helpful to have even less players in the next season. gl hf
Edited because I apperantly can't quote on my mobile device
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dead game
It looks like you did not have time to put in the fix for the UW monitors. Here is hoping you will get around to it next time :)
okay, but which client crashes did you fix? how wonderfully opaque.
I'm very much looking forward to finding out how often the Trialmaster Fragments drop from Omnitect, Delve, Atziri and from the Vaal Temple :^).

Thanks a bunch <3!

I see what you did there, thank you.

Maybe I come back and finish EGG hehe
Still no 32:9 fix

Back to Diablo 3, cya
SquareCubiC wrote:

adding an item editor was a good thing?
chris even said on the reveal stream for harvest "we're probably going to ruin the game"...

harvest now, is useful, but not your be all end all solution for everything, which is infact the best thing they could have done. creates a way more healthy environment.

and yea, that's completely on yourself mate. sorry for breaking it to you.
but 2k hp? i dont know how you think that's enough for even yellow maps, lol

With a fair bit more tanky character here, I agree that Toxic volatiles on magic mobs was a shitshow. Sure, it can all be juked, I doubt I've died to a toxic volatile Hit more than once this league but I certainly know that in rituals and incursion encounters I've died to the ground effect they leave behind after successfully juking 10 volatile orbs at a time. Which adds a fair bit of insult to the encounter when nothing I could do other than scaling chaos resist or going CI could really save me from a ground effect hidden under packs of mobs that are all casting shit. With the state of the game and the excess screen clutter we get because of AN special effects, the "improved communication" that was brandished as a flag for why AN was introduced seems a pipedream at best and a flat out lie at worst.
Permafrost damage component was obscene too.

As to Harvest, it's been 2 years? 2 years of scaling game content as if everyone was using Harvest crafting, adding more and more dps gated encounters that destroy the arena or scale their damage if you don't manage to kill the boss fast enough that it doesn't do the "mechanics".
It's also been 2 years of nerfs to skills, gear and flasks. The devs are the ones pushing the meta and they adjust the content to what they see. The harvest changes alone or the exalt- divine change alone would have been a major revamp to economy, both at the same time was the equivalent of a hammer blow to the forehead after getting a knee in the groin.

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