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speedyranger wrote:
Hi, I chanced upon POE due to Maxroll's site having a guide on it and decided to give it a try. This current season is my first.

I tried out the EA Balista build and managed to get to L8 maps but it seems a bit slow while mapping so I decided to create a Lightning strike champion. Went through the campaign but while doing L2-4 low tier maps I noticed that the rare monsters seem un-killable, requiring such a long time fighting it and yet giving out quite miserable loot.

I thought there's something wrong with my build until I saw all the POE "quit" videos from all the POE veterans. That was when I realized what is wrong. The main problem is that the loot is not equitable to the difficulty posed. Knowing the truth, I feel that there seem not much point for me to pour in more hours to this game.

I see the potential to POE but to a new player like me, with limited time, I will stop playing till something is done to fix this.

This was me too, exactly the same. That site had everything explained so well that even I could make a build and try enjoy the game. I've played around with "guides" in the past and most of them are just not very good, poorly explained or expect you to know *everything*. Sure you can play the game just fine blind but if you've played similar games then you know you're gimping yourself in one way or another.

It was a terrible league to start playing poe that's for sure. I *hate* the archnemesis mobs. There is no consistency when you run a map in this game. You can plow through mobs and then all of the sudden you run into a single AN that obliterates you. Standing toe to toe and they'll destroy you so you're kiting them around for X amount of minutes, once they die they drop nothing of value? It's like yeah that was not fun. Now the funny thing is that the huge variety in these AN's some you destroy, some will murder you right away and there is nothing you can do about it.

Sure some of you who have played for a while, you know the game but as a newer player it's a miserable experience. Like I said the lack of consistency in the difficulty is absurd. The entire difficulty in the game is on these single AN mobs. I won't mention actual BOSSES because they're bosses - while AN's are just random mobs out in the map.
Glad to hear that I am not the only new player who feels like this! I don't really post stuff but I posted in the hope that POE staff, who seems not listening to the veterans might want to hear from the new players like myself.

Let's hope something is done to make POE at least playable again!
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The league is so bad i can barley bring myself to play 1 week without uninstalling it again.

Well now it stays uninstalled until i see a vid about some loot changes for 3.20
Unfortunately add me to the list of player moving on to another game and piling on. I played Sentinel as my first league and for the most part really enjoyed the game. Not sure to check number of hours played but it was likely over 50 per week once I got going. I don’t really like the “Meta” build necessity to be endgame successful (I really wish they could make all character classes equally viable), but I took a few things I liked from builds I saw. Ended up getting to 95 on my main and all the way through Atlas, but pretty much capped out on bosses since I never got my dps and defenses where they needed to be. This league, I started a very similar character with much better defensive layers ( I ignored block/suppress/max res increase in 3.1.8). I can’t even progress levels after 92 without dying frequently enough by AN mobs every couple maps where I can’t gain any more exp. Drops and the economy changes have left me significantly poorer, so much so, I am still using the chaos/regal recipe for most of my revenue. I die significantly more mapping (as an arc elementalist ) than I do to bosses…

Contrast this with 3.1.8, most of my deaths were when using sentinels to maximize loot or when attacking bosses. I occasionally died in 3.18 when I wasn’t careful. And it was still time consuming as I have never had any voidstones to increase map level so on t16 maps I think I needed 3 t16 maps per 1 death to stay positive in exp gain….3.1.9, not happening. I can’t even get close to consistently staying alive in t16 maps….I go down to t10-t12, where I need to die less than once every 5-10 mays to stay positive on exp (I believe). Needless to say I am on 0 xp.

I love the concept of the game. I am a controller player and played d2 and d3 on console) and continue to read Reddit posts about the game, but have lost faith in the product based on how Kalandra rolled out, and my alignment ( with many less datapoints than most of the community as a new player ) with MANY of the negative posts around AN, economy changes, trading process, and the crappy state of ground loot ( I love being able to craft, but I also love to be able to FIND a holy grail rare item on the floor occasionally- and just get rid of most of the “junk” loot after level 70 or so. Couple that with what appears to be (im a noob I could be missing something)a total disconnect to by game designer of what the community (me included) deems fun.

So in summary, I am a casual player who played a ton. I want to be able to have fun and progress in the game without playing the meta and be viable while being able to slowly accumulate power ( via skills or items ) and challenge the endgame bosses.

Back to Elden Ring to start my 4th play through and a little fifa!

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