3.19.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

I guess ill continue not spending money on PoE, and waste money on Lost Ark, yikes.
Can you please just revert 3,19 and do a release in 4 weeks or something,

This is jus extremally embarrassing what you are doing,

I see Chris gets a lot of shit, but I feel almost he´s like a puppet this in this case,

NO WAY he would think this is OK. Anyways those responsible for these changes should get fired or do something else since they obviously don´t listen to the majority of the people playing this game.

This should be a fun game, not a game where every map has a mob which take 5-10 mins to kill you get 2 alchs and move on (oh and die like 2 times of an extremly stupid mechaninc)

Enough... Bye Bye
still shit enough is enough BYE BYE
Yeah, probably you're going to have 20k players by the end of the week. GL
"This is quite impactful."

Except its not.
I like the monster life changes for harvest. Yesterday I was fighting a Tier 4 encounter for 24 minutes becuase all of the archnemesis rares it spawned during that one phase. Today, their lifepool feel much more balanced relative to the damage they deal. I feel like I'm not just fighting a life sponge anymore but rather an actual enemy. Gameplay wise, harvest is at the best point it's ever been. Thanks
I'm done with this game. Another league of suffering with archnemesis, stupic exalt/divine change, loot masacre. I don't want your vision, just came here to play some fast h&s and try some silly builds but instead it's just, ooofffff...

Last edited by swis21 on Aug 24, 2022, 9:11:04 AM
And NOTHING about archnemesis? The shitiest mechanic ever made, that u guys want us to accept. Chris rly became the issue, he doesn't even play the game, his vision is shit and he will make the game die, trying to force it on us. It has been fun years, and it's gone.
Yah, naw.

The majority of us are still calling for a reversion of Harvest back to pre-3.19, not just lowering the amounts of time-wastery from severely inflated levels to massively inflated levels.

And why in the hell are continually-stacking AN modifiers still in the game? Was it Chris whom originally thought of it? Is that why no-one has spoken up? Don't want to hurt his feelings? Whelp... it's time. Tell him. Then take those modifiers out back and give them the Ol' Yeller treatment.

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