3.19.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

warpg8 wrote:
A 33% global buff to unique drops and a 25% global buff to currency drops doesn't come anywhere near balancing the equation of what was taken away with your NEVER-COMMUNICATED CHANGE of taking away the quantity and rarity bonuses from league-specific monsters.

Do you realize that there is literally no reason to engage with the Atlas other than to get passive points and then go do content that isn't meaningfully impacted by IIR/IIQ, like bosses?

Do you seriously think the community isn't capable of doing the math? *This* community? We're about 3 steps away from EVE Online in terms of building external tools to do the math that you refuse to just have in-game, and you don't think we can't see a 90% nerf followed by a 25% buff to the new value is still a net 87.5% nerf from pre-3.19?

There is no reason to play in groups anymore. There is no reason to kill monsters anymore. The only things that matter are running through maps as fast as you can to open Smuggler's Caches and Strongboxes and *maybe* kill the boss.

THAT's It That's what most Player are Angry about that the fixes to the problem they made are some what ridiculous ...... and we are expected to be grateful... u took a way 90 percent and give me a flat 2.5 % back..and hope Im happy? seriuslly. .... How about That ... HOW would Chriss feel If an Investor of 10 million Dollars (money desperately needed to get the job done) taking 90 of its investment back and after u complain and Cry u receive 25% of what was left..(so now he leaves u with 1.250000 Dollar no where near enough to get the job done...) But Your Investor in all Greatness and Seriousness expect u to be happy...... HOW would u feel Chriss??????HOW tell me How would u feel????? as a person Treaded?=?????
I will no longer be taking any vacations for new league starts. I will not be fooled for the 5th time.
Garbage, goodbye.
You don't understand what r u doing, right?
This league is so spiky in terms of difficulty, it's actually hilarious. Breezing through maps, until you encounter THAT rare which does not take damage but instantly blasts you into oblivion.

Imagine playing hardcore lmao.
12.5% buff, GGG stop pissing in your players faces just revert the drop nerfs completely
Ditt j*vla flöte Danne!!
Revert the changes before the game dies
What GGG achived here in this league is:
- Bigest drop of players in history of any league.
- 80% of content creators just changing game to other.
- 99% of playerbase trust drop

Dear GGG understand one thing. There is no time to do "small" adjustments, its just moment when u need to put ash on the head say we focked totaly. Revert changes and from there u can try to adjust loot.
Last league my bag fills up every map. Now I fill my inventory only once every 6 maps. Sometimes 10 maps

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