3.19.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

GooDzZz wrote:
Where is Keep Suffix/Prefix???????

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please nerf chris wilson back to 3.13 and buff player happiness back to 3.13
chrrono wrote:
Wow! I just started this league. What did I miss lol

The best fun game experience ever made.
Now, its gone!!!!!
So despite all the negative stuff about loot, minions dying, and monsters being unkillable, I wanted to point out some amazing things.

I joined in the queue like I usually do, and got in and never got booted out or for all of day one. That never happens.

Items being highlighted in your stash when someone wants to trade is a HUGE buff. No idea when this was implemented, but my Lord is it useful.

The option to “attack without moving” has been clutch as well. No idea when that was added, but it’s nice too.

No other game studio makes QoL improvements like these, patch after patch. PD2 is like 1-2 guys I think and they are closest. Think about how lame D2R is….a couple more runewords after how many years???? And a reskinning? Bleh.

GGG still sets the standard, even if this league still has some kinks to work out.

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