3.19.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

After testing the newest patch I came to the following conclusion:

Loot is still very much aweful in the endgame.
The League Mechanic is still not worthwhile to play.

Harvest cost reduction is nice, drop rate of life force should be higher still.

Overall the feel of the league and the economy is really bad.

While the overall "idea" of the changes in 3.19 were great the execution was terrible and poe as a whole is in a terrible state compared to last league and even more so before Archnemesis.

Please keep communicating with us and revive the league from the dead with more and better changes.
I do have alot of Blacksmith Whetstones - Lots of them. They drop in 20 and 20 - On what gear shall I use them on? :)
Dear GGG,

Please communicate to us what your going to do with the Minion survivability issue

Thank you
The_Feral_Dog wrote:
people complaining about stuff being changed but not mentioned in patch notes as if every single other big dev doesnt do this. ninja nerfs existed before path of exile. also if they want less loot in there game because people finish the league within a week out of 3 months then now maybe you have to play 2 or 3 weeks out of 3 months is that really such a bad thing, no, no it isnt, grow up. your reactions show another reason they never want to mention anything to do with drops in live announcements because youll throw you toys out the pram and cry i want drop now give drop shit dev blah blah blah. go play a different game and stop commenting, some of you lot comment the same sh** every league, still buy supporter packs and still play the game? cant be that bad then can it. keep up the good work GGG. the silent majority still like the game, but perhaps some in game tutorials so idiots stop crying about their poo builds in white maps not getting currency would calm some of these kids, although they probably cant read so who knows.

That is some naivety here.
The result of GGG action will not be that people play lonmger, but thatz people dont play at all.

GGG = Spartans

Playerbase = Persians

Hundreds leave, a handful stay.

Spartans! Prepare for glory!, King Chris

Give them nothing! But take from them everything!, King Chris...
dont see a diffrence ingame.
Bosses drop more uniqs is the only thing i see but who cares for that ?
I generally never uninstall any games, I just uninstalled Path. First uninstalled game in over 7 years.
Hey, GGG!

I really love this game! I really do. I took this week off from work, to be able push the first week.
And after that, it turned out, drop rate is nerfed ~90% precent. Minions gutted. Harvest gutted.
You just dont respect my time. If the droprate changes are at least in the patch notes, I would not have took this week of, because my free days are limited...
So thank you for this. I dont understand, why are you doing this. You can see now, how angry are the 99% of your players. You will ruin this great game for nothing. For some kind of vision, what nobody like except you.
We want only have some fun. We have a job and another obligations, we want to PLAY a GAME and enjoy it. If we can't we will find something else to play.
I give a chance, maybe it will better, maybe you will understand, this path leads to nothing. (This week is lost for me anyway - thank again).
But if there wont be a MASSIVE buff, I wont play this leauge. Maybe the next.

Edit: And Archnemesis ... just REMOVE it! NOT FUN! Its a pure garbage! Nobody likes it! Lava lake, Tier13 - Kitava. Boss is easy. But it spawns a shitton of Archnemesis rare top of the boss. I have max block, 60k max phy hit, 40k max ele hit, 10k chaos hit, and I CAN'T kill the corrupted boss because of lack of place and Archnem. Its a JOKE!
Last edited by Albundy_84 on Aug 24, 2022, 9:38:07 AM
Really?? Just...really??..
This does not adress the main issues in ANY way:

1. Mapping's basically dead. League mechanics based on monster drops - are dead. Imagine a zero being buffed by 15%. It's still zero. The point of whole leagues - is dead. Why would anyone would even think of using scarabs, chisels etc - it's not worth it. All of that is gone and still is.

2. Lowering some harvest craft costs? Well...I guess that's good, but STILL, endgame craft is dead. 'Reforge ceep' being removed - basically killed endgame crafting, which's now - a gamble. And that brings us back to 'not really a game' (c). And that's diablo Immortal. You guys wanna go that way?..)) Oh, it seems you already are.

3. Archnem on red maps - guess what - It's STILL broken. I do not want to spend 5 minutes killing a gigachad who drops...2 alchems?..Or, ok, 5 chaos?
And that's what it is right now. And that's on mapping, that gives us...+ - 0 revenue?

4. The MAIN issue. All of that - was done silently. Basically in league presentation we were lied to by obmission. And that's the worst thing that can happen. And that already happened in diablo immortal.

All that being said - I have a theory:
In short - It's all about diablo Immortal again. The 'game' was a pr shitshow, and still is. But guess what: Bad pr's still a pr. And the game got 100mil revenue in shorter terms then Fortnite. And I think, that stakeholders looked at that shit and thought - Guys, we want that 100 mill too! Double down on microtransactions, battlepasses, and even more - make the game more like a gamble machine, to get the gamerbase ready to 'some mechanics', that would 'help' 'casual players' to 'progress a bit faster'.
And...all of that was made possible by us, players. Who payed for that microtransactions in DI.

Now look a bit below your nickname. You'll see the money you spent on PoE. Because you love the game. I love the game. Unfortunately, I joined in a bit later, but man, this year - I was and am in love with this game. What we, as a playerbase can actually do now - Is to hold on ALL the purchases in PoE. Refund them. It'd kill me to refund a PoECon ticket if I had one - but I'd still do that. To make a statement. To communicate. Because when some people near the top management begint to dictate the terms, it's Waaaaaay past the communication with the community time. And That's exactly what we see now: The whole PR around 3.19 is ON FIRE right now. People quitting, contentmakers - quitting. GGG just can't ignore that. They see that, they understand that. They're just not interested. They try to bring a game down to slotmachines and gambling. Because it develops addiction and incentivise people to spend. Their. Money. And my guess is - that the reason for all that's happening here. I might be wrong, and I'd be happy to. But seeing posts like this - nah. They won't listen at this point. The only way we can communicate now - is with money. So...let's get em a message.
Nop, not again, this is proving that you don't understand your own game.
How did we reach this point of what you think and what's the reality.
Feels like politics talking to the population, they said they understand the pain but they are living in a different world...

I would like to see a better future for my favorite game ever...
At the moment I couldn't get my pack refunded, so... I'm waiting for at least a real solution

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