3.19.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

Imagine going back to 3.15 oooooo weeee, before archnemesis mods, before you needed mirror tier gear to survive a pack of magic monsters. Man those were the days. And there was actually loot.
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This is still not enough. Just cancel patch 3.19! Chris Wilson, go away, you ruined this game!
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Nothing changes. Good work =)
GGG wrote:
We've massively decreased player experience

That's more like it.
Okay great i will see the difference for the looting .
For archenemesis i prefere you remove it . for me i about some mod are annoying like toxic and obelisk herald
OMG, what is going on with GGG?

I mean literally, what is happening in their office? This is what they can come up with in the past days?

Sooooooo retarded!
kileras12 wrote:
25% buff from 10% of loot is 10.25%....

Oh my god guys, please, check your math.

Btw, since patch d I find the drops in white maps at least somewhat acceptable. The rares drop decently and the others from time to time.
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Crafts that reforge a Rare item with random modifiers, including an Attack or Caster modifier now have a cost of 75 (previously 125)
(pre-previosly nothing)

We need more different kind of currencys, how's fuel for gems?
xxp0loxx wrote:
Sorry, but this game is trash now. Thx.

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