3.19.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

I played a lot of PoE in my life. Ofc I skipped some leagues as well, but Sentinel league I joined back into PoE and I fucking enjoy the shit out of it! I played almost the whole season and that is really rare for me.
Anyway last season I liked it that much that I even thought lets get this supporter pack so they can make an even better game.

And here we are now Kalandra league, I was about to get another supporter pack, but HELL NO.
Already really huge streamers quit the game and are just waiting for it to be playable. I will do the same and wait until GGG finally understands that the community dicatates how this game should be not GGG.
Don't change anything major until you got back in touch with the community, because no community means no support, no package buying no money spending for MTX and so on. Which means dead playerbase, dead game and no future for money for PoE 2.

Anyway GL HF exiles! cya maybe in a week or something like that.

One last thing I would like to add:
I dont know the numbers, but I am just guessing:
Lets say Droprate is 100
now you decrease it to 5 -- that is 95% reduction.
Now if you increase by 25% it means that you increase droprate of 5 by 25%
25% of 5 = 1,25
So you raised the drops from 5 to 6,25.
That is a joke. :)
So sick of this nerf shit.and test your game before releasing!
Clearly they are not trying to satisfy the actual people playing their game, who knows what on earth they are thinking with these out of touch changes to loot overall. Truly something major went wrong when it came to making these changes.

Go to steam and write your review.
This needs to change FAST. Or GGG will kill the game and POE2 with it.
Drastic Harvest changes. They're nice - BUT. It does makes me wonder how well these were tested, if you are prepared to cut them by as much as 90% at the top end.

The removal of keep pre/keep suff is the biggest issue in my eyes. Even these Harvest changes don't make me feel any better about their removal.
where my Mageblood
Feels a lot better from what I have tried and even got a 5 link. Drops in Harvest still feel pretty low, though
25% buff from 10% of loot is 10.25%....

also rarity is shit, nothing about quantity

revert changes entirely, buff won't solve anything, how the fuck dropping 5 alch orbs per 5 maps makes difference from 4 alchs per 5 maps?

most of uniques are trash and filtered out, nobody care about "rarity"
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Deeppee wrote:
DarkJen wrote:
Did you even test rares drop from bosses?

I jus did, out of curiocity, 3 maps, and ided all (!!!) rares bosses dropped. Yes! bosses drop alot now! But..

1. None of em relevant to any of my 2 league chars.
2. None of them even barely useful at all! Rolls, combinations, are wholy out of whack.
3. Even no got 1 alch on vendoring that junk.

Now can say thanks for testing for you.

I did 10 t15-16 maps and got 17c in loot.
It's aprx 25-30c/hour)))

Even +1000% is not enough and will be less than before

Adding 33% to .1% is nothing really.

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