3.19.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

GGG, if the only way you manage to balance the game is "balancing by outcry", aka tweak a number by how much negative criticism you get, you need to step back and reevaluate what youre doing.
Bro if I wanted to be anchored this hard I'd go play league and lane vs nautilus...
Bro if I wanted to be anchored this hard I'd go play league and lane vs nautilus...
faytte wrote:
You nerfed loot (rarity and quant) massively only to buff the nerfed values to trick your own customers. Empy had video evidence across multiple leagues showing almost a 90% reduction, so buffing this new value by 25% is meaningless, and if course you only buffed rarity, but quantity...

groink19 wrote:
Guys, 10 % * 33 % is not 13 %... check your math and stop shitposting.

You are totally right 10% * 33% is not 13% is 3.3% then we sum, because they said they increased so is a sum, the base of 10% with the 3.3% and we get 13.3% thanks for clarifying this, those 0.3% is the difference between a mirrior and an exalt. I hope is sarcasm (hopium).
The North Remembers
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Why not just put that historic item quant/rarity back in place? Why toy around with us? It just feels insulting that you see this outcry and you're like "hey we removed this 11,000% buff and people are mad? I guess we'll just do a sneaky little 25% here and a 33% there! That'll fix it!". Get real GGG, I hate being negative about a game I love and have played for 5 or 6 years now, but this is probably the least excited I've been on day 5 of a league and I really don't think I'm the only one. Stop nerfing stuff, stop making the game feel worse for the players, let people have fun.
Lol, this patch changed exactly nothing. XD
Bring my old Harvest back please.
If not please delete Harvest completely.
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