3.19.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

i think the harvest changes are amazing, thank you very much.
Remove Archnemesis... I am not even asking. It is garbage.
That's it?
Last edited by Lothreg on Aug 24, 2022, 4:57:10 AM
yep, ok this clearly shows you no longer have any respect for the community you worked so hard to keep over the years
Still empty rare chests....
Bosses drops trash rare (no uniques in 10 maps yet)
Almost no currency, thx for other leagues chests
AN are still to rippy and still gives almost nothing. Too many of them only give magics, nothing else.

Useless patch.
33% and 25% of 2-3 times the loot of a monster = nothing... You nerfed the loot by 1000's of %'s... Do you guys at GGG actually think we are total retards??? this is becoming very insulting and i do not like you as a company anymore.
Last edited by Drimli on Aug 24, 2022, 5:01:24 AM
Zodel wrote:

Guys, 10 % * 33 % is not 13 %... check your math and stop shitposting.
Higglefrizz wrote:
Could we have a 500% more increase on top of this... Global

500% still wouldn't be enough to fix it... they nerfed it by 1000's of %'s

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