3.19.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

The harvest lifeforce changes are welcome enough but fairly insignificant with the crafts themselves neutered or removed. End-game gear progression on SSF is in really bad shape. Please bring back the crafts - even if the cost means it takes on average slightly longer than last patch at least it would give something to work towards again.
Seems worse now?

Just ran 3 incursion rooms in The Ossuary (level 67) after restarting the game to get the patch in. Got one (1) rare and 3 blue currency items from all rooms combined. I was doing better before.

One the bright side, there are fewer of those pesky trips to town to drop off loot now.
Why do you hate us?
Harvest is still dead. The most important crafts are gone and the cost for crafting is still astronomical. There is just shitty crafting left in the game now.

And adding a ton more rares that my item filter removes is pointless because the only way to get good items is through crafting.


Zerucos wrote:
This is so far away from being OK. I have lost all respect for GGG. A once great company everyone looked up to is falling off a cliff.

I remember a time when people used to say
"Can you believe this indie company made a better game than AAA game studios"
"I love how they actually communicate with the community, it's a real breath of fresh air"

No one thinks this anymore. GGG changed too much.

They have repeatedly insulted the community by not respecting their time, and now they are also lying and withholding crucial information to secure more sales.

None of this is OK. Lake of Kalandra has revealed who GGG really are. Maybe it was always a facade. I have lost all respect and trust for GGG. I will never recommend their game again, and I sincerely hope people stop supporting them.

This league singlehandedly killed all hype for PoE2, and I hope they cancel ExileCon as it would be a massive disaster.

Countless people prepare for a new league, they plan their builds and plan their weekend to play. Some take time off work to do so.

Content creators spend weeks leading up to a new league, making guides sharing information, and getting ready to once again stream for a larger audience. To many, this is income they rely on.

Other creators of external tools spend countless hours before a new league to even make the game playable. PoB, Filterblade, Trade programs and other tools are all worked on to be ready for a new league.

The game would not function without all these people.

When GGG releases such a bad league, it hurts thousands of people, yet it seems like they don't care. They should have reverted many changes after day 1, but they stayed silent and now give us this joke of a patch. It's insulting, and none should stand for it. Enough is enough.

The game is bleeding players and streamers. This leads to bad publicity and lower revenue. When will GGG give up on its vision? When enough players leave? Or when they have to lay off employees from a lack of revenue? How far are they willing to push their ridiculous vision? GGG's stubbornness will be their undoing, and it's incredibly sad to see.

Perfect sum up.

Stop playing, tell your friends to stop as well, change/write steam reviews
You nerf 90% of 100 and what we got is 10%. And Now you giving what 25% only???!!!! WTF IS THIS BACKWARDS PATCH.

What about gwennen loot? I spent over 20k astragali and didnt get any high tier unique, will you fix that??
Where are the Harvest Jewel Implicit crafts and why were they removed in the first place? It has a big impact for melee characters that dont come with a Ascendancy kit that grants Stun immunity like Champion.
Wow, thanks for the pennies back after stealing my whole life savings.

How can you make game such shit and yet refuse to fix it, i dont understand. Your intention might be to shit on 0.1% group player base and rmt sindicates but you are shiting on everyone else as well, game is not fun and i am trying realy hard not to be rude because i realy liked this game for past 2 years but this is going over limit of accepting it
Exilecon will be more like Ghostcon no one will be there.
Supporter packs ye right
Mistery box your got it yea
Did Blizard shadow buy ggg and trying to shut it down

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