3.19.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

You guys have probably one of the smartest and loyal communities in the gaming industry (most people quit just after seeing the passive tree) and yet you are trying to bullshit everybody.

This is just insulting. Take those patchnotes GGG and shove it up your.......
damn. they are really willing to die on the hill for these changes
If this is what PoE 2 is going to turn out to be, you can count me out
Baronjohn96 wrote:
After testing the newest patch I came to the following conclusion:

Loot is still very much aweful in the endgame.
The League Mechanic is still not worthwhile to play.

Harvest cost reduction is nice, drop rate of life force should be higher still.

Overall the feel of the league and the economy is really bad.

While the overall "idea" of the changes in 3.19 were great the execution was terrible and poe as a whole is in a terrible state compared to last league and even more so before Archnemesis.

Please keep communicating with us and revive the league from the dead with more and better changes.

We need more comments like this.

- Communicated that they tested the newest patch
- Communicated what they felt about every individual point (harvest, league, general loot)
- Communicated what they feel about the concept behind the changes in comparison to the way/numbers it was implemented
- Acknowledges that GGG is communicating with us, but also asks for more/keep doing it

This is so much better than just the bunch of whine posts that do not communicate clearly what exactly it is they want.

Don't get me wrong, it's fine not to like the changes GGG made, but so far GGG has communicated their intend behind the changes and their intend of further analyzing the state of the changes and doing adjustments.
We should give them well formed feedback about each of their decisions, so they can do the best out of our feedback.

32:9 support please!
At least you have less clicks to make!

Was considering about starting the league, I saw what was going on, well, I'll wait until the game looks playable.
bring back harvest crafted jewel implicits
I've been having alot of fun with this league, Lake is fun to do

increases to rarity means more rares for me, which i do appreciate
map boss loot being treated more like act bosses is interesting

I've had some pretty scary rare mobs when combined with essence modifiers. It feels like essence monsters dont drop much other than essence, where other rares can drop alot

Feel like the general intent is to make people drop damage for toughness, a concept I personally like; though most do not share that opinion

I dont really use league mechanics much (just ess/box) and dont trade, but Ive had better loot this league than I have in the past, Thanks
Full 3.19 reversal, none less will suffice
Stop killing the game, or at least state why are you doing it
Mashinal wrote:
At least you have less clicks to make!

Was considering about starting the league, I saw what was going on, well, I'll wait until the game looks playable.

just wow
another person whining who doesn't even play

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