3.19.0c Patch Notes (restartless)

Kieren_GGG wrote:
Sorry about that, we've now fixed the introduced crashes by rolling back the client changes. Everything in the patch notes is still applied except the crash fix for Map item hovers, which we'll be looking into why there were problems.

32:9 fix please. 5120x1440 needs to be restored
Thank you for listening. We appreciate it.
League mechanic loot is still awful
I am confused about fixing the crashes. The tech forum is full of crickets from GGG. Multiple thread are started about consistent latency problems where people are hit with frequent 20,000 ms stutters then sent to the log in screen. The game world continues with the player is frozen then we are just booted. Is this issue being addressed at all?
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Chris all you have to do to save your community is
1. Read what community has to say and where is the problem
2. Dont listen to these 1% delusional kids that says you are going in good direction nerfing everything, adding harder content at the same time. People are playing for fun not to be dark souls feat. path of exile theme. The right fkin direction is to buff other shit, skills, add items that will support these skills in usefull way, to make it as good as playable builds...
3. Say sorry that you did nothing for 6 months with meta except for waking up week before launch and nerfing all meta builds instead of buffing others to make is as good as meta.
4. Make a video with your face and say "We fu*** up, we are sorry for that, we will fix it as soon as possible. Soon league will be reverted and migrated to standard, we will revert old rares, archnemesis is going core in a different state as single rare mobs that can occur in maps as much as rouge exiles for example
5. In harvest league you had one of best retentions ever - doesnt that say anything to your minds?... People were playing because they could craft mirror gear not spending mirror + fee for it!

I think that s a good start, if you will keep going what you are doing rn. Your company is going down. Oh sorry i forgot, you dont care any more cause you sold your soul for Tencent...
Harvest league FTW ( not the garden! ) - Unique way of achieving crafts, just add window to hideout comers to click on station, they add item, pick craft, click craft, on seller window pops out to confirm - WOW INSANELY HARD TO IMPLEMENT. STOP NERFING, Bring back old loot, bring back fun again!
Remove Archnemesis, ty.
Still a no a from me. I really don't think you're listening hard enough. Gonna go see how some other up and coming ARPGs are shaping up.
This feels like nothing. Sorry. This doesnt even begin to fix the state of the game.

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