3.19.0c Patch Notes (restartless)

GGG your Game, Your Game Killed!

Where loot? 0/10 League dead
Well at this point you of GGG really don't understand what's going on, people are quitting your game and you lower life of insane monster of 15% when they literally oneshot you offscreen.

I tried this "new patch" yeah nothing is changed basically still unplayable state, maybe i should uninstall and change game. I loved this game so much, i was planning a new build, but now i don't want to be mad during my free time because a game is not fun. Bye
It has to be a joke.
Where is the loot?
The item drops are definitely too low this league and that should be a priority change. I feel like GGG don't actually realise how bad it is. I found very little loot levelling and it's not great in maps either.

I like that rare monsters have taken on the Archnemesis system, but there's no doubt there is still some tuning to do.
I like that they have loot pools according to their mods. I think that's really enjoyable.
I think every rare should drop at least 1 rare item (or special items like flasks which can't be rare). It's not enjoyable to kill a rare and have nothing drop, which happened a few times whilst levelling - there wasn't even a white item!
If killing a rare monster is meant to be impactful now, then the loot it drops should be the same.
I agree that it would be nice to see some tuning with Archnemesis mods and bosses in maps. A lot of bosses are very trivial, some are overly-cumbersome and there isn't really enough of a good middle ground.

For me, Harvest was all about providing deterministic crafting. I don't feel like it does a good job at that any more. I pretty much ignored Harvest last league and whilst I think the itemisation of materials and the ability to choose specific crafts is a big step in the right direction, I feel like the mechanic is drifting too far away from what it was originally and what I want it to be for it to be relevant content to me.
I think that deterministic crafting is even more important if there is to be a lower amount of loot dropping.
GGG the provlem isnt that we cant find bases. It doesnt matter if it takes 5 or 6 maps to find a decent base. The problem is that we arent dropping enough currency to craft on anything. I highly encourage you to have a team play current maps for a day. Not simulate drops. Actually play and try completing the atlas without using any in house tools to help. The game feels terrivle right now.
GGG, it’s time to admit that your vision is wrong. Please adapt, improve and improvise.
How do I ever get that low tier unique item, if a low tier item never drop.

Low tier drop, -50%, unique drop -50%, do the math.

The correct way to actually do what you want to achieve is more complicated that it is.
Every unique drop rate should be independent drop (outside of the drop quantity).
Your perceived high tier drop, indicate you desire quantity and update the chances.
Your perceived low tier drop, indicate you desire quantity and update the chances.

Quantity: 0-1 , unique, roll chance.
Quantity: 2-5 , high tier, roll rarity.
Quantity: 2-5 , low tier, roll rarity.
Quantity: 2-5 , currency, roll chance.
Quantity: 0-1 , flask, roll chance.
Quantity: 0-1 , Skill gem, roll chance.
etc. etc.

If that mobs only drop 10 items with all those shared chances, its what you see now.
I can't even do a chromatic recipe now.

95% of a players playing time is at map area, fixes the map drop rate 1st, than campaign.
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Dear GGG,

Please at least roll back the changes on currency drops in regards to killing magic and rare monsters - this just feels insanely unrewarding right now and takes away a lot from the fun of the game.

I'm literally picking up scraps right now from yellow tier maps because I'm not getting anything else - I hope you reconsider!

Loot Example:
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I enjoy archnemesis to be honest but just remove them from rare monsters spawning from league mechanics instead of balance around that. Those rare are unique on their own already

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