3.19.0c Patch Notes (restartless)

Not good.

Nothing feels changed after patch.

Maybe is time to dont spend money anymore on the game.
Monsters feel more manageable now, thanks for that.

I have done just about every lake encounter from the campaign up to mid-yellow tier maps and the rewards just don't compare to sentinel, even after this update. I'm sorry, but beating down a difficulty 6 or 7 swarm after 10 minutes and being rewarded with 2 chance orbs and a scouring is just silly.

Sure, Sentinel dropped a lot of useless junk, but you got a lot, and you could pick and choose what you wanted. That aspect is missing here.

On the upside, I think I got the best drop I ever got today; a ring with +60% cold damage, only downside being -115 mana. I'd show it off but no premium stash sadly.

Gonna take a couple of days off.

The end is nigh
GGG, I really hope you don't take to heart what a lot of these comments are saying. Your game is literally free - I do not know how people can complain so much on a free game. It isn't near as bad as everyone is making it out to be. They just seem to be hurt that they can't kill mob xyz or get loot xyz. You've kept with this game for a long time and really listen to your community. Unlike a lot of other companies out there. Thanks for such a good game that is creating so many good memories and my rippy-stomach feelings during hardcore.
Please revert the ultrawidescreen change (32:9). I still have ~7" wide bars on my Samsung G9 in fullscreen and feel like an idiot for buying this monitor JUST FOR PATH OF EXILE.
Essence mobs are still ridiculously tanky with certain arch nem mods, how about GGG switches unique monsters to spawn like rares in maps and just make an arch nem essenced mob the map boss because they obviously are stronger than the map boss and some are even stronger than a pinnacle boss.

The 4 Mod Arch Nem mobs were the ones that needed the less HP the most.


Also loot in the lake is still bad, getting only 1 mirror is such a bad league mechanic. It's pretty sad when it's more rewarding to just spam heists than even touching the new league mechanic.
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Here's how I know we're all GGG's bitches now.
Now that 3.19.0C is out, we're all waiting for the D, and hoping its gonna be a BIG D.
Ya, I'm done. I actually had a tiny bit of hope you guys would smarten up and make actually meaningful adjustments to the stupid crap you've done.

I quit. See ya next league maybe.
We're all happy to see a start for changes... but much of this is worrisome.

It's another league where GLARING issues are obvious in the first 2-3 maps [Removed by Support]

- You (GGG) want some ultra-hard version of diablo 2 for w/e reason
- You have a completely different game called PoE
- You SHOULD be using a different game entirely (like poe2???) to let this vision run free.
- You're INSTEAD just slapping a lot of people who've given you a lot of their hard-earned money in the face.

Let POE be POE, use a different game for your vision.

I'm sure you have everyone working very hard over there because no one wakes up saying "Hey how can we brick our pride and joy product" but seriously please just listen to literally anyone at all in the community [Removed by Support]
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i think if they wanted the game close to this state maybe nerf by 50% 4 leagues in a row instead of nerfing everything by 90% would be more approachable

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