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The second reason is that we removed a massive historic bonus to item quantity and/or rarity that applied to some league-specific monsters. We replaced it with a moderate (2-3x) increase to item quantity, to offset the fact that they often have more life than regular monsters and some cannot drop maps.

Eat your vegetables.
This is shit. If you think Archnemsis monsters need there damage and AoE toned down in T16s. Honestly Beasts and Essence mobs were strong before Archnemsis mods why do they even need them?

You need to increase the look I am 100/115 2 watchstones and still using leveling filter cause NO LOOT DROPS IN ANY TEIR.

What a bunch of half ass attempt. This should have been fix before the league started not AFTER league start weekend. Screw this game.
R.I.P Path of Exile
I am not even sure what to say anymore, especially after reading this post and the attached mystery box ad. Good luck i guess.
This will kill the game peeposadge
Remember when Chris said "league content should be the best source for league mechanic currency/items"?

I 'member.

Doing a juiced map with a breach in it, that breach should yield some splints. Even before this league I could regularly go 3 breaches per map with max magic monsters and fist quant, and get fewer than 10 for the entire map. I actually would get more splints from deli rewards and sentinels than from breaches.

Imagine nothing has changed this league, except rare monster IIQ for breach content has been scuttled.

And ez just have all the lifeforce items drop in 1 single stack at the end of every patch, commensurate to how many magic/rare monsters in the seedpool for the patch. 36 monsters total, should be at least 36 gumdrops in that nozzle at baseline.
[19:36]#Mirror_stacking_clown: try smoke ganja every day for 10 years and do memory game
hope work on essences and all weavers they hurt
and stop nerf mana i am using 87 mana to cast a absolution wtf is that
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"What we're working on: Almost nothing."
"Here's some MTX you can buy."

Not the time or place to be advertising "buy our things" when you have the community in an uproar.
"The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence."
huh, yeah, nice try ggg. haha :/
Big yikes.

I am at a loss for words, I legitimately do not know what to do or say at this point.

This... this is not it.
~ Seph

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