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It's a good start. Thanks.
how boring and small
Exalts 10c Divines 129c. Mission accomplished in destroying exalts.

It's the one thing I most enjoyed playing POE was getting a exalt to drop.
There's quite a large jump in difficulty from the campaign to early maps as the number of archnemesis mods on monsters rises abruptly. This not only affects their average difficulty, but also how tanky they are.

Wasn't this the same exact problem we had last league? and the league before that? how long are you gonna keep archnemesis in the game if after 3 leagues it's still not balanced?
Did they seriously say that zero juice from lower level harvests was "so you don't have to click as much"?
The game is even more terrible in red maps. Most of these changes are still going to result in the game feeling TERRIBLE in red maps.

I really don't understand any of the logic from GGG at this point. If we are beta testing POE 2 ideas in POE can you at least let us know so I can send you a bill for my time spent as a beta tester?
ultrawide monitors still with black bars
They really included a loot box ad in this post WTF
I feel like the modifiers for red maps are still just as broken on arch nemesis modifiers. I would hate for red maps to be untouched...
feels weird to see this "buy our loot box" after such a sadge post lol

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