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its baffling how this amount of "oversight" made it to live launch. how disconnected are you from your playerbase, honestly?

that's not disconnect, it's pretty impressive they can churn this out every 3 months and they promise to get it fixed in less than a week's notice. Halo Infinite still hasn't added co-op rofl

but the game in general feels more like sandpaper than rough grass like it used to
Enjoying the league so far, excited to see how these changes will affect the league. :)
figure it out
"Actually as the #1 Slayer's Banker..."
"Actually as the #1 Guardian's Banker..."
I'm doing red maps and cant sustain my chaos, chisel, alchemy, scouring or even alterations.

Thats NOT normal at all.
not nice!
Not nerfing Red map Arch Nemesis

Pathetic response


"We will rebalance the Lifeforce yield at lower map tiers so that the league is more rewarding early on, without affecting its yield at higher tiers."

Except that people have proven with a fully invested atlas tree in standard it's crap

So not improving this at all

Another pathetic response

"We are raising the chance of Lifeforce dropping so that it's less likely to receive none at all, while striving not to increase the average number of clicks needed by too much."

Barely an improvement... clicks? Really? This is the excuse?

"We are increasing the rewards from both league and non-league encounters throughout the Lake, particularly at higher map levels and higher difficulties."

Meh, who knows what this means

This entire post is just telling players that we are wrong even though all the points are proven wrong by people who have tested it and compared before/after

This entire post screams that GGG is taking the game in this direction and that they will not be fixing anything

You aint seeing any purchases from me any time soon GGG
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Good to see you working on this but the first week being beta testing every single league is getting a bit old hope the 3 month cycle starts treating you better gl p.s love your game
Cassia supremacy
respectfully, what the fuck

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