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You messed up real good on those drop rates...
Well done GGG, you played yourself.
Control the loot = Control the players
The POE farmers are holding the line, but GGG is turning a blind eye.
Please remember that this is mostly a single-player PVE game. If it's not then please state what the game is. I just don't get the fear of players having power in what is mostly a single-player PVE experience.
Just gonna say if the quant change are not reverted by the next patch im fucking out of here
Eat Sleep Repeat
This is so sad...
i am done
its been getting worst over the last 3 season
this game
hyyyben wrote:
jerot wrote:
hyyyben wrote:

They are by far the most hands on / paying attention to the playerbase, kinda firm. You should ashamed for writing something that disrespectful.
If you got critiques, then write them down...
They cant use your insult for anything.

Excluding massive changes from the patch notes presumably because we wouldn't have gotten as excited isn't disrespectful?

Everyone knowledgable about the game is unhappy with something. Empyrians team knows how to print mirrors and magebloods and they can't make a profit doing extremely optimized juicing. Ghazzy lives and breathes summoner builds and AG was made totally worthless by the changes, even using every tool available it dies in zero damage mod T16 maps.

Racers across the board like Ben, imexile, Zizaran are all really negative on the changes and Chris' response to them.

Anyone playing the game can tell things are very wrong. Monster balance is in shambles, rewards are gutted, what is the point of playing if juicing endgame isn't as profitable as running chaos recipe in magic maps. Why optimize a character when it will die to the same bad mod RNG anyway. The whole game has been flipped on its head.

And we're being told this is all intentional and tested?

Too many patches in a row things have been going wrong, we deserve an actual explanation as to what is going on, not more PR talk marketing and another post mortem defensive post from Chris while the team scrambles to salvage things.

Be respectful..otherwise nobody's gonna listen to anything you have to say. I agree with your post..just not the way you wrote it :)

All of human history (including customer-vs-business) to the contrary.
Reinhart wrote:
Also if you played since 2012, you know the game was a lot slower back then. And it doesn't belong to the original vision.

I hate to break it to you, but the original vision doesn't matter anymore, Chris/etc. are not bringing us back to the past, they are charting a course towards PoE2 - the new vision is still D2 based, but it's clearly not what used to be, no matter how "slow" they want to make it.
So I've run lot of maps today, white-yellow-red and its feel like yesterday. Is it just me?
Eat Sleep Repeat
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