Enabling the Trade Site for Console Players

The trade market is so much better for trading imo.. I think taking it out on console is such a bad move..

I also want that trade market on pc, having both option would be awesome.
I shit and piss, like everyone else.
"While it may feel obvious to suggest that we combine the two systems so that it's both instant to find items and instant to receive them, we strongly feel this is not the right approach for the long-term health of the game."

Great, middle finger to the best solution of all trade problems with literally 0 data to back up the decision, at the same time we have a lot of data to back up the choice to make trades automatic, and one of the biggest is price fixing, with automatic trades price fixing is virtually impossible

Imagine their surprise 5 years from now, when they have tried everything to fix the trade system, and they just give up to make it automatic and everything fixes in a couple of days, total 🤡 moment

Wilbatron wrote:
to everyone who said they'd NEVER add crossplay eat my cock

This isn't adding crossplay. It's adding the trade website for console, but it's still going to be separated by platform.
RedwoodCoast wrote:
So will pc be able to trade with console users sometime in the future?

I think ww should try merge between Xbox and PS, the market for PC version is too different from Console
Luca Explo wrote:

Just when we thought trading on console couldnt get worse we get this.

[Removed by Support]

This change only enables deal sniping and doesnt fix price-fixing we have to go throough. "We believe this is better for the long term health of the game." What a joke, changes like these and your awful reliance on 3rd party tools is why your peak players online wont rise past 50k (ON PC!).

You all must not even turn on your consoles, I invite you to check out my profile and see for yourself how bad it feels to play this game and support you all, dealing with the hopium that you will make this game playable on console.

[Removed by Support]

Why straight up lie about the numbers though even if you are fuming? You can easily check that PoE has more than 100K online on peaks on steam, not even counting the stand-alone client.
WOW. Now you remove my post for giving you genuine feedback and informing you of how terrible this change is? Now you're wanting to censor legitimate feedback huh? What are you going to do, ban me? As if ANYONE will play this game after you remove tradeboard.

You brought up this change, now you suffer the consequences of the feedback from YOUR PLAYERBASE. We're telling you this will kill the game, the question is are our complaints falling on deaf ears?
Zomphere wrote:
Absolutely terrible. It going to be so AIDS trying to switch between browser and game etc trying to trade for an item that sold 20 minutes ago. Not to mention how bad the trade bots are. The only thing console really had over pc was trade and now thats gone, ggg. This may be the nail in the coffin for console.

Trade bots are fucked with this change anyway, they need to get their currency somehow.

If they need to be logged in to get those items, their bot network is severely hampered. Can't bot flipping currency if GGG knows you're flipping currency, it's all going through their network now.
"Trade site for console"

- Yay!

"See our trade manifesto about why we will never fix the long standing problem of trade"

- Your philosophy on trade is as bad as your philosophy on why your players who play your game should have carpel tunnel. UNHEALTHY AND BIASED. Your view and reality don't align in this area. We will pay the necessary therapy bills to get that "Problem:" a verifiable "Solution:", so FIX TRADE please.
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Ridiculous! I stopped playing on PC precisely because it took hours for someone to trade, the console's Trade Market is infinitely superior to the PC's and you will take that away!
Not happy about this. The trade market is the only reason I play on console. Yes, prices are inflated and selection sucks, but at least you don't have to rely on an external tool and other humans to do an in-game task. I agree with cross-market as a goal, but forcing console players to use a console browser to enable this? Not gonna happen.

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