Enabling the Trade Site for Console Players

How are ppl ment to trade without a PC? or Mobile? GGG Console players are on Console because....
1) They dont own PC

2) We dont want to sit there with 20 different pages open looking n checking for a"ping" noise or a Message off some1 to then join them, to then trade, its too much messing about.

ALSO PC players hate there trade system aswell, this is a awful idea, AND ontop of this will ultimatly ruin the console versions of POE, i think this really does show how much GGG dont listen or know what there community n player base wants.

If youre looking to improve trade make it so when a player puts an item up they have the option to make it either "Haggleable" so ppl can put a lesser offer n try to negotiate like its current form AND add a buy out option where once a offer has been matched it auto sells AND before ppl say that wouldnt work thats EXACTLY how FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM WORKS and theres nothing wrong with that trading system
If you own a console... you can open a browser. End of story, every console has a shit browser that you can use to access the WORLD WIDE WEB. I'm sorry if you have to talk to people otherwise. Most of the time when I offer slightly less.. GUESS WHAT? They take it. Goddamn trades are so hard.
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How can we list Currency in bulk using only the ps5.. Do we have to come here and manually type the ratio?
Removing the trading board is just gonna kill the console versions. The whole point with them is the easy of use and playing with a controller, it's not having to use some half-assed in-game browser and then chat with people without using a keyboard. That's a nightmarish version of the already terrible trade system on PC.
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This is a huge step In the right direction . Although I think that the current trade should only be considered to be removed when and only when cross play becomes enabled . If console gets the updates at the same time as pc and are able to access the same items as the pc trade I think it would do wonders for the console community and boost huge numbers for poe2 . I skipped last league due to how time consuming the game is on console it’s basically a glorified ssf with great items being much more expensive than their pc counterparts. Fingers crossed for cross play coming soon!
i played on pc for years, back when there was not so many acts in the game. when players played on merciless difficulty etc. then i played on xbox for years. i also played a game called realm of the mad god. in the game i mentioned, they have a similar trade system as pc version of poe.

the reason i mentioned this is because i like that cross progression etc is being implemented now that i am back to playing solely on pc for the forseeable future. however, i was tempted to go back to console because i hate this trade system. its extremely bothersome and allows for scamming opportunists and bots. the trade system on console is immediate and allows for browsing and lots of other things.

therefore, with the exception of mods, i think this is an uppercut to xbox players, but a plus to everyone else who likes the trade system that pc has. i genuinely think that the xbox trade system is superior in every way and i dont really understand why GGG does not consider unifying the trade system that xbox has instead of the one pc is using. this way we get the unification and cross play etc and everyone gets an absolutely badass trade house.

@GGG What is the reason for choosing the pc trade system over the console one? does anyone know? i feel there is no real advantage or maybe i am missing something. maybe it takes a lot of data to store the trade market info on GGG server side idk. but i am curious as to why not keep the better system. it would make poe better than even albion online's trade system imo

i understand why this is viewed as a necessary implementation but i think that its like taking two steps forward and one back. i have spent a considerable amount of money on this game on pc and also on xbox. i have done the same in realm of the mad god and albion online. i stick to this game because i believe in its devs.

if i had to choose between a bothersome system to take me out of the game to go trade or stay in game and be more efficient (which is kind of a path of exile kind of thing to do) then i would have to say i would choose immersion and efficiency over the shittier system. i hope the issue is not that the trade board uses too much data, because that sounds like a lazy excuse. i guess GGG actions will tell though when we see if we get cross progression etc when they do unify the markets... till then i have good faith that GGG is reading the players responses and i hope they implement something under the unification of a system that is best for everyone. and anonymous trading that is done offline or online in addition to it being automatic is outstandingly better than dealing with other players who can be anything from a scammer to a bot to rainbows and sunshine of a person. let us stay in game and play the game.

let us be immersed and definitely don't be lazy in deciding about money and data because with good decision making and proper system implementation, money will follow. for comparison, look at the user responses for rotmg vs albion online markets. since those are good comparisons from my experience. but i think the user responses speak for theirself, good luck GGG and thanks for the provision regardless. cross progression and a solid trade market makes this game STAND OUT way beyond its competitors. if you want the best system, implementing one with immersion and efficiency and semi automated is key.

here are some great quotes i pulled from players:

“..As a PoE player, I want to be able to list my unwanted items for currency I desire, quickly and efficiently.. so that it does not impact on my playtime, therefore impacting my enjoyment. I also wish it was not tedious or laborious to execute this.”

“..As a new PoE player, I want to be clearly guided to how trading works in the game, in the context of other people, and not NPCs. I want to have a clear and enjoyable experience in how to begin my journey into becoming a trader and earning currency which will allow me to better my characters.”

“..As an existing PoE player, I want to be safe during trades and protected from malicious actors.. so that I do not fall victim to scams or other means of extracting my valuable items for a lower cost, free or otherwise.”

“…As an existing or new PoE player, I want to have an easy way to find an appropriate item for my character, that fits my build, without having to spend too much time searching or haggling, or having to switch away from the game - thus negatively impacting my enjoyment of the game.”

“…As an existing player who is interested in Trading as a means of playing the game, I want to be able to use native tooling (preferably in game) in order to sell and buy items and currency effectively and efficiently, instead of having to rely on outdated API’s or use heavy context-switching taking me away from the game and into either a trade site or other third party tools used for price lookups and/or other trading purposes.”

another option to please the dissatisfied, would be to make ssf somehow more rewarding with vanity rewards or something like a title.
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Are you kidding? Us pc players have to stop playing in order to trade and watch the chat like a hawk. Id honestly argue for the reverse by adding the market to the pc version that xbox and ps4 have.

Is this still the direction GGG wants to go? Are the statements in your trade manifesto still how you perceive your user base?

Removing the trade market will hurt the console version of POE. Not appropriately addressing the scammers and price fixers IS hurting the console version. What explanation does GGG have for not allowing "buy it now" on the trade market? The hypothetical scenarios in your trade manifesto are outdated and don't reflect the way this game is played. Talking about a hypothetical game being to easy with instant trades, but having people completing the campaign in a handful of hours, having teams juice maps to get 100+ divines, there are so many ways things happen faster now then when that manifesto was published. The trade site is awesome, and i do use it to find what I'm looking for, on my phone. I then go find it through the trade market with the search tools. You have a diverse game, with complexity stacked on complexity, needing specific items and mods to engage in that complexity, and then handcuffing the user intentionally, just seems wrong. Keep trade as it is, and dumb down the mechanics, or improve the trade systems to allow the user to better engage in the content.

I usually only run one build a league, or reroll that same character if time/currency allows. I abhor running the campaign. instant trades, rerolling a character into a different exile, unlocking a level 68 character slot once finishing the campaign once per a league, are not going to ruin this game, they're going to extend the user interaction of this game.

The best things GGG can do for it's clients are these things:
Give PC the trade market.
Give the trade market the same search capabilities as the trade site.
Make the listed price of an item be the "buy it now" price (this eliminates price fixers)
Enable cross platform play.
Allow further builds to start after the campaign once one character has finished the campaign per each league. Or gives us a way to reroll into other exiles.
Add "skill on movement" to controllers.
add KB/M to consoles.

I'm not one of your whales, but could be. Give me the cost for each item, I'll raise the money for these things, no problem.

It's hard to understand GGG's posture on some of these things, as it's not based in reality and doesn't reflect a company who actually cares about the end user in a way that GGG has claimed they do.

Lastly was it really a surprise in how you started to be treated on Reddit, when considering the opinions you as a company have decided are mountains worth dying on? You abandoned a platform where there is so much positive and good interaction. How did you see the optics of that being perceived as anything good for your image, or what you thought of the average user that has an overlap between Reddit and your product?

Lastly, what's the point of having a "contact us" means of communication if the responses to questions are canned, and we get zero follow up? Saying that you'll pass our questions/suggestions along and then not further communication doesn't look good on you. Where's the transparency? How about a ticket system to see where the question/suggestion goes, showing if it actually does get passed along or just tossed into the trash? How are these types of behaviors from a company seen as viable/sustaining?

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