Enabling the Trade Site for Console Players

Awesome news.
Zomphere wrote:
Absolutely terrible. It going to be so AIDS trying to switch between browser and game etc trying to trade for an item that sold 20 minutes ago. Not to mention how bad the trade bots are. The only thing console really had over pc was trade and now thats gone, ggg. This may be the nail in the coffin for console.

This is a buff.
May Le Toucan bless your journey.
Thank you GGG. This is a step in the right direction.
This is an amazing improvement. Thank you GGG!
Short term pain. But probably good news for console players in the longer term if cross play gets enabled.
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This is awful. I already get spammed from live-search / flipper bots constantly. now the ability to spam is even greater? Will there be a rate limit on how often people can spam?

Please just add the ability to use the trade site engine, just against my own stash. I want to search my own stash without all the hassle and the account privacy problems.
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With D4 heading into crossplay, i did see this coming, well i guess everybody kinda did.
I'm just... so reliefed the old Trade Board stays as for now. With a limited player pool, we really need these these non-temporary offers, just 1 to 1 would be a huuuge pain. Not a fan of the PC trade system in general and much questionable stuff will swap over now. With crossplay on the horizon tho, i'm definityl down!
Also, is this why every time there is a console patch, the (PC) trade website/api would go down just before the console patch rolled out?
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uGotDumpstrd wrote:
[Removed by Support]

Bro, they are not removing it just yet. You will be able to use just like PC users do. they still have to go a website to trade.
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