Enabling the Trade Site for Console Players

In simple words- We want you to stay for much longer in league so it doesn't feels dead after 2 weeks.
The good news is that we will have both the website and the current version for most of the league depending on when they give us access to the website.

My plan is to find the items I want in my downtime on the website, then search directly for the name on like we already do in console. I am not going to trade like the PC traders do. That is a royal pain in the butt especially if you play in a party like I like to do sometimes.

If no one utilizes the whisper method to trade, then what does GGG do?
for those who were waiting for a trade upgrade.... Not going to happen before POE 2 in 2025, and even then. GGG loves when players have to use third party tools, they have less work to do when the community is doing the heavy lifting
I don't really get why you're being so stubborn about this GGG. Your player base has made it quite clear what they want but you keep digging in your heels. Yes, I have read your Trade Manifesto, but that doesn't mean I agree with it. The reason is simple.

More often than not, the reason I quit a league is BECAUSE I can't get the items I want. Because it's so hard to get a trade. Because I get tired of learning that the item that's perfect for my build is in the stash of someone who will never use it, doesn't want it, but is too busy to trade with me.

The way you get players to play longer is to let them have fun. You know what's not fun? Sifting through the trade site. Waiting for a trade invite that will never come. I can think of a lot of builds I would have played for a lot longer if I hadn't spent hours trading and just got tired of it all.

If you want people to play your game, you should be making it more accessible, not less.

But, in the end, it's your decision. I just hope you won't be stubborn for so long that you come to regret it.
trying to figure why is a "improvement" for console players having access to the trading site instead of having a functional auction house (cross platform or not, i don't really care)

the amount of price fixers and bots we gotta suffer is amazing (other than the "i'm not gonna leave the map to sell that item i posted for 10c two weeks ago and i didn't even know it was in my stash yet"), having to skip the 20 players selling at the beginning of the trade site means the trade site is a failure (and a waste of time)

if some new player wants to drop the price cause it's set at X price in the AH when it's obviously underpriced means that player will lose money, same way with the current method

the difference happens when someone with currency sees that he/she could sweep the "bottom" price from the new player and the price fixers' too with the auction house
oh and here comes karma fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu rmt/price fixing bitches.
Zomphere wrote:
Absolutely terrible. It going to be so AIDS trying to switch between browser and game etc trying to trade for an item that sold 20 minutes ago. Not to mention how bad the trade bots are. The only thing console really had over pc was trade and now thats gone, ggg. This may be the nail in the coffin for console.

I agree whit you. İf they do this for real, we cant play in console anymore, which i dont have pc im gonna leave supporting poe forever :/ sad
demogear wrote:
GGG, what about just adding a function where we can browse player tabs that have items for sale and just buy them from there? It could be done in game and by making players search through items manually it would fulfil your idea of a flea market. Games in the past had this implemented and from personal experience I can say that it's one of the best feeling systems.

Of course, they couldn't do this *and* allow trade search, but I think I would prefer this sort of flea market approach -- even if it hurts power-level-wise. It would be nice if there were trade, but items kept more of their specialness by being less immediately interchangeable with currency. They'd have to be really on top of detecting bots though.
I say go for it GGG. Yes there will be people who quit or just switch to SSF. Because at the end of the day people will continue to play an support poe.
Positives of website trade:
Can fine tune a search for items and have it ping you when one comes available.

Negatives of website trade
Whispering people for trades is ZERO fun.

Can get scammed.

It is nerve wracking if you are parting with all your chaos/exalts because you feel you need to be quick. You are taking the time of another person.

Have to alt tab out of game to buy items.

So many people just don't answer trade PM's

It can sometimes be out of sync with the game so that golden item you find was sold an hour ago.

Website trade is bad.

My suggested solutions
Create crossplay in game Auction house or create a trading market "instance" map in game where you can teleport to and allow people to mark themselves as "selling" so you can browse people's sell stash and buy items, even if they are AFK. Certain games did this well like Asheron's Call, Silkroad etc. The seller did not need to interact with the buyer although they could watch or refill their sell stash.

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