Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

Still suppression is beyond overpowered. At this point if you ever want to go fight uber bosses if you don't have suppression you are much much weaker, because uber bosses only big damage is spells.

Elemental resistance gives you 4% damage reduction after 75% and that's just elemental where suppression reduces even physical spells. So you need 87%-88% on EVERY resist to match suppressions 50%, good luck getting that compared to suppression. Hence why every racer build has 100% suppression, even if they play templars or marauders, which is stupid. That's how broken this is.

Why not just give suppression on evasion based body armors and 30% max, not on all pieces. With that you ensure only evasion characters have this which they need. And remove middle passive tree suppression blocks. And left side should get few max resists or suppression should be 40% spell damage reduction.
More stronger and less white pollution screen mobs = heathier game experience.
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How is soulrend compared to scorching ray BALANCED ?!!?
soulrend underperform ?

3.17 = 3.18 = 3.19 thanks
hmm... i think i skip this league... not so hype this time... maybe again 2 years pause...
The following Maps have been removed from the Atlas: ... Burial Chambers, ... Tower,

CTRL+F, The Doctor -> none
CTRL+F, The Nurse -> none

enjoy no HH league lolllllll

EDIT: there are still Spider Forest and Cells maps which should drop the cards, or you could run 10,000 maps which drop The Patient
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I wish GGG would release the patch at least 3 days earlier so players can try the changes similar to D3 where the patch is up before the new season starts
So, considering the new Sunblast³, how does that leave the entirety of the survival from the Saboteur?

His survival comes mostly from Tinkerskin Health/ES and the Mastery node that gives him 30 health, but both of these require an enemy to trigger the traps. I understand why the text specifically requires an enemy to trigger the traps, otherwise Chain Reaction would be busted as all hell, but will we have a pass on those interactions? Can we have an added interaction added to those "Triggered by an Enemy" that says "or at the end of their duration"?

A Saboteur using Sunblast³ would already be playing a weird Lightning Warp trap with every skill they choose (and that we can't really reduce the wait time beyond 1s in no way, shape or form), can we at least have our safety remain a part of the build?
Isn't it a better way to make ex crafts need ex+div instead, so the ex price goes a little down and divines goes u ?!
lllBossnectar wrote:
Really don't understand the divine / exalt swap. If anything it's a major turn off for me for this league. Harbinger farming is out now considering exalted shards are the main reason for doing that content. All the div cards that award exalts are pretty much worthless now. Divine orbs are gonna be idk 200+c in trade for example so if I want to roll a unique item with a divine it's gonna be 200+c per slam now? Really feel like this one wasn't thought all the way through here guys. Not trying to be mean cuz I love you all at ggg and the work that you do.

I found more divine from harbies than exalts, maybe there was a mod with harbies that does it?

Anyway the idea for divines being more expensive is that you dont use them on uniques anymore and use them on super end game rares instead. Problem is that divine orbs will be WAAYYY more pricey. Not 200c +, try like 500c in a couple of weeks. The changes to exalt bench crafting is way too much.

Hopefully they resolve it quickly. Mean time i will be using chaos to buy stuff.

EDIT: For divining uniques without divines, sell 3 of same unique to get one new one with lowest item level.
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Can you make singular focus a wheel or something similar to the extra content blocking mechanic so we can pick what we want.
Ex: Drop unique map
Drop map that are influenced or occupied
Drop maps by tier of favoured
Drop only favoured map

P.s. Make it so it don't affect blight in maps.

please and thank you
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