Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

Nuffsed wrote:
Obligatory "I quit" post on the massively unlikely chance anyone at GGG happens to notice.

To so casually destroy the Standard economy and the time/effort invested by its players is a uniquely callous decision in my none-too-brief history in gaming. No recognition of its impact, no acknowledgement that you are deleting months/years of work on an (apparent) whim, no reason to think that anyone actually gives a damn about the humans playing their game.

"Hey standard players, we see your nervous looks over there. Lilly Roth will be exchanging exalted orbs for divine orbs for the next few weeks while the economy adjust to these changes. Have a great day."

Or...silence, and the contempt it implies.

I miss what used to be a great game, and I miss the company that made that game great.


Contempt is right. In Bulgaria there is a saying "They spit on him and he insists its raining." Glad least someone is aware, can't stand all the white knights.
The Bitterdream Unique Sceptre now causes Socketed Gems to be Supported by [...] affects existing items, though you will need to use a Divine Orb to fix the description on the item.

Made my day :o)
Updated the Sunblast Unique Belt note (again)

throw up to 2 additional Traps

Noooooooo! Nerfed before the league even started, please buff it back. My wet dream. xD
Savour these moments, for they may never return.
Very, very bad. I'm leaving.
shghostell wrote:
Updated the Sunblast Unique Belt note (again)

throw up to 2 additional Traps

Noooooooo! Nerfed before the league even started, please buff it back. My wet dream. xD

lmaoooo thats bullshit.

I wasnt planning on touching this anyway, but that does scare me thinking our leaguestarters are gonna be nerfed before we even get to start.
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Is there a world where Chaosweaver Archnemesis mod could get "70-80% less effect of wither" instead of current "Immune to wither" if you guys made this change to stun immune mobs and, previously, to all elemental-based modifiers?
ZionHalcyon wrote:
I get what GGG is trying to do with Exalted orbs and Divine orbs.

But I don't think they went far enough.

We will see, but I bet Exalts stay EXACTLY where they are in terms of value. And instead, Divine Orbs will become an even more expensive currency, placed between Exalts and Mirrors. And still no one but the uber rich will bother crafting with Exalts.

The reason being, is they aren't changing the drop rates on Exalts.

If the drops are the same as always on Exalts, I don't see it changing much.

If they really want Exalts to be used for crafting, then Exalts and Exalt shards need to be made more abundant, and then Divine orbs given the drop rate of Exalts in the past.

THAT would do it.

Hopefully they realize that after playing it too safe this league (and I would have either made the 6 link recipe return an exalt, or if that is too rich, up it to at least 50 links).

Exactly this! +1 but whatever, GGG onely care about the "Elite"...

When comparing Galvanic Field (GF) to Corrupting Fever (CF) I can see a lot of simmilarites. The main differences are that CF costs life and that it refreshes after spending X life.
Now, that means that GF does not refresh after meeting a similar condition. And I really don't see why it shouldn't.
Yes, I'm a lazy boy and don't want to press the button for GF every 6 seconds. What about a condition to continue the buff? Like, after you killed (25-75) shocked enemies (depending on gem level) or something like that?

Please reconsider adding such a condition to the gem. Thank you.

PS: I like the changes.
I see people are farming thousands of divines a day on standard for when divine orbs jump up in price. Meanwhile my thousands of exalts drop price by the day.

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