Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

Yogghy wrote:
These changes and your recent behavior are a direct insult to your players. Proclaiming your new currency is cents instead of dollars and dollars are worth nothing now... the most foolish decision I've ever seen. Rerolls will be impossible, I presume you are deleting them from the harvest as well in order to forbid any semblance of fun. GL getting that 30 quality / 20 reservation Ashes, or Thread of Hope, or Timeless jewels (guess that's your revenge on the players for decrypting their algorithm).
Your worst problem is you are NOT playing your game. You are NOT trying to increase fun and make the players like it. You are pursuing your delusional VISION despite all the feedback you are getting.

Ok mate.

Just because there's a loud minority (you included) on the forums, doesn't make your arguments the end-all-be-all. It's great that you love the game enough to get invested and voice your PoV, but stop pretending you know what's best for everyone, just because you don't like the direction.

Either roll with the punches and enjoy what you can, or show yourself the door. But don't dictate how others should enjoy the game, while you piss on the people giving you a gaming experience that far exceeds anything in the market.

I for one am hyped AF! The Harvest changes alone carries the entire league <3

Juggernaut nerfed.
Marohi Erqi nerfed.

It's just mind boggling.

Why are you going out of your way to nerf a barely played ascendancy?
Or barely used unique weapon?
Leo's Betrayal Research Safehouse crafting bench rewards have been replaced. They no longer Randomise the numeric values of the Implicit Modifiers of an item, randomise the numeric values of the Random Modifiers of an item, or Augment a Rare item with a new Random Modifier. Instead, they now Reforge the colours of, number of, or links between sockets on an item 50 times, using the outcome with the greatest number of less-common socket colours, sockets, or linked sockets respectively.

Does this craft only apply to rares or can this be used on unique items?
Unless specifically stated otherwise, a Divine Orb should be able to be used on existing versions of these unique to obtain the new values of modifiers, but cannot be used to gain new modifiers.

Yea never thought I'd say this but that's bait :') Now Divines are going to be more expensive than an exalted orb used to be, that better be a damn good unique if I'm gonna reroll it with a divine orb to get the new values or I'd rather but a fresh one xD
I would survive the Necro nerf in the end, but that div/ex s*it? You gotta be kidding GGG!! This is too much...
I am surprised they didn't buff/change Hierophant's Sign of Purpose ascendancy node. It sucks. It's too limited. Even as a pure Brand user, the frequency buff during the last 25% of duration and the Brand Recall cool down is weak as the alternate Brand Recall can reduce a lot already.

Please buff Sign of Purpose!!! I feel Hierophant lacks speed. Perhaps something like when brand is attached, you gain some Speed?

Or branded target takes even more damage?
This looks amazing, especially harvest changes. I think beyond should be renamed scourge for obv reasons and please, make a jewel stash tab aaaa.
Oh those Divine changes are bullshit
Additionally, since the percentage of corpse life dealt as damage by these skills does not scale with skill levels, there is not sufficient incentive to level them up (especially for builds scaling ignite damage).

Even moreso, aside from not being more useful to scale DD level, it actually becomes worse because increasing the manacost forces you to drop an aura and increasing the hit damage disables you from running ele reflect (the corpse inflicted ignites do not reflect on you)

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