Will Sentinel Become a Core Path of Exile Mechanic?

My strategy of liquidating everything into recombinators before quitting the league turned out to be very smart
Just keep the Recombinators :(
Mebs_ wrote:
Was hoping recombine would stay but get the split beast treatment of items getting "recombined" tag, and not able to be recombined again.

That's actually not a bad idea, hope the devs look into that at some point.
Pretty lame and not surprising the league items are getting the same deletion treatment as original harvest. At the end of harvest league items were deleted (not talking about horticrafters, things like upgraded offerings, infused items) only to have the same items brought back later.

It's too bad the current items can't just be left dormant in standard, for when they are re-implemented.

Again, totally not unexpected, but this is yet another chip that degrades player trust as it makes any items you pick up in a league potentially end-of-league delete-possible.

It would be great if you'd be more upfront about these item deletions at league start. I don't care if the items are un-usable in standard. As a collector I enjoy trophies of my many-hours-invested adventures.
Yet another unpaid Path of Exile 2 Alpha Tester.
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Sentinels : Meh
Recombinators : Great, but could use some small limitations, or decrease drop rate, or put it as an harvest option with a chance to POOF items. Anything to have that option as it is another way to not be as hamstrung when trying to reach certain goals.

For example: Recombinators made the ashes "fix" feel not as bad, as it makes you think "There's always hope to create something better".

This is just one example mind you.
Imho its bad not because recombinators are gone, but because in last fucking year we got 2 new league mechanics and at the same time lost 2 with other 4 now being eradicated
Worst. Decision. EVER.
Third league in a row not added to core. POG.
Understandable to see Sentinel not being added, but the decision to not keep recombinators in game feels pretty bad. It is such a fun addition to crafting and allows the potential to fix items and/or make amazing items. They should absolutely keep recombinators in the game.

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