Will Sentinel Become a Core Path of Exile Mechanic?

Thank you on behalf of me and my chat
Rakie1337 wrote:
Yugo_1223 wrote:
Thank god, can we stop making things that make every item OP as fuck? recomb is just a slot machine.

The problem is it made trash on the floor useful for once. There were finally great things worth picking up, and saving, to craft... This is what they always beg us to do... we finally do it because they made it nice, and then they remove it entirely.

It's not about being OP, it's about being able to make nice things.

So in your opinion EVERYTHING that drops should be a useful upgrade?
Do you just never want to have to work for any item? you feel poe should just keep giving better gear to you?
Always playing my own builds. Don't be Meta.
honestly, there's no point in players posting an opinion on anything related to this game. GGG comes up with an idea of what we the players want or need and they just do it regardless of what we think or want.

the Q&A was a complete joke. GGG never had any intention of answering a majority of the questions.

GGG wants our feedback but in return we get silence from them 99% of the time.

i've almost completely lost any motivation to play this game. i used to play for a few hours ever day and now it's an hour or so a week. i only play standard so it's not like i'm starting over every 3 months. but even in standard with a very solid skelemage build i get 1 shot from off screen. no clue what direction or what type of monster it came from. the AN mods on packs are usually not an issue as i can tank most of it. but my mages can't shoot that far let alone can they see what monster does this.
poe is going down fast. Diablo 4 and Baldur's Gate 3 have no performance issues. play them instead
I would like if sentinel stayed for two reasons.
-Recombination is a fun mechanic, it enhances crafting in an interesring way, makes a much wider range of drops worth looking at and synergises with other crafting methods to add more depth, but also accessibility to the crafting experience. Granted, I play on ssf, so I don't really know or care about the economy. From an ssf perspective, it is the best mechanic ever.
-Sentinels made the levelling experience worthwhile on followup characters. It has been a longtime complaint that the levelling process is tedious to do multiple times. With sentinels, however, not only does it become more challenging but also rewarding, as the rewards aren't too shabby even in levelling zones. That being said I do play on hardcore, and died by empowered mobs while levelling, so I do feel there is consideration aboit whether or not to pop the sentinel.
RandomPig192 wrote:
loved the league immensely but i dont wanna hear about sentinel being added into the core game in the future until ultimatum is added first

I liked Ultimatum also, actually that was the first league I ever played.
Why don't you keep recombinators, but only in SSF?

Personally I hate them (and most of the rest of the RNG crafting rubbish too) and am glad to see the back of them, but I can see where they would have a very valid place in SSF, where you cannot buy gear from others.
When’s the league over?
The lack of consistency in PoE is reflected in the player retention rate.

People in their 30's and 40's don't like change. That's a scientific fact.

Sentinels could have just been turned into pets, player selects what mods they want, feed them other sentinels to increase charges and level up the sentinel pets, gradually make them more powerful over time.

So many much needed elements that could have been implemented into the game and they're just gutted.

Like scourge could have just been summed up into a scourge orb.

Ultimatum encounters could be the pve arena.

I just don't see what's so hard about implementing cool things into the game. It's not rocket science, just really simple math.

I should totally campaign to be brought on board to GGG. Would make this game so cool. I don't work for people, however, I do work with them.

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