3.18.0d Patch Notes

when smart loot 3.0? or 5.2?
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You can now delete the Harvest content. T16 corrupted run goes. delven? no thing. every Harvest attempt insta wipe. If you need a tankbuild/second Char to survive at all and play it, the content is useless.
literally death from every blight event. im running all maps white now just to stay alive and not getting any maps back because of it. im burning out so damn fast. dat vision tho...
Maybe GGG should make some RL versions of this big brain helmet MTX and put it on in the office, maybe then they’ll remove archnemesis!
What's the bet they will keep AN because of all the "positive feedback".

It's not likely they will remove something they worked on unless it's old content that they can't just expand on.

AN was a very unfun league mechanic, but the rewards made it worth doing, these are rare mobs with no rewards and a 50-50 chance of getting instantly killed.

Find me one streamer that says this is the most fun they have had in a league and you will find someone who's wife's boyfriend beats him up after.

Shame too, sentinel is not a bad idea, I would actually like it but the shit covered coating of AN is not something I want to have a bite of.
You cant go delving with this shit mods. It was a very bad idea to give usual mobs Archnemesis mods which were very special on those mobs because of the league mechanic back then. Now almost every mob with AN mods is annoying. ANNOYING!!!! And not fun.
I´m not enjoying this game anymore.I´m just dying because Chris thinks it´s
challenging.Ok cool...but i´m loosing my hard earned XP because of this.You want this game to be hard like Dark Souls ?
Then give me a chance to get my XP back after I die.
There are too many after death and ground affixes...thats all
Remove AN please. I love PoE and would love to play the game again.
Keep up the good looks GGG!

Game is fkd up btw, but it seems not the main goal anymore.

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