3.18.0d Patch Notes

Drimli wrote:
Riverwind77 wrote:
SananMasa wrote:
GGG is definitely reading these comments because they deleted mine for being "too negative" so let me be positive here.

Dont get it wrong, GGG doesnt give a shit about us, non whale streamers. Your post has been edited or deleted by Forum Moderators, they apply a particular set of rules who doesnt apply the same for everyone (they allow haters to exist and they do nothing, so...)

The point is, even if they work here in the forums, they wont pass our feedback to people like chris or bex who actually does nothing.

They already know archnemesis is trash, and effigy alone is killing the game, they wont move a finger. If they edit your post without permission, just write the same again, leaving their Edited by support tag, they wont notice.

Trust me GGG don't care about whales either... I payed/donated far too much to GGG and i hate the living s... out of this league... It is the worst they have ever released and i have complained too with no result Sadge.

we've given them too much of our loyalty. Time to remove it.
Too late... This is where you should have started... If you say that it was tested and you were happy with content you released ? I Am very disappointed. And because of this my support is put on hold. OK it's survivable now not ridiculous ! ty
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Where's Headhunter buff?
sad mode: eternal despair
unplayble mess
... thanks to ggg, it has become completely unwilling to play the league, we will wait for a new one in the hope that something will change

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