3.18.0d Patch Notes

Riverwind77 wrote:
Where's the Hotfix removing Effigy?

At least confirm you're not removing it either so i already know i wont be playing this game anymore.

sad but tru...
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As far as immunities, next look into the curse immune AN mods and change them back to hexproof. Playing a Bane Occultist and constantly running into curse immune enemies with my Profane Bloom perk doing effectively nothing there since that enemy mod no longer exists, outside of the rare map mod.

Or change Profane Bloom to affect curse immune enemies.
Effigy is a joke, but not a very funny one. How am I supposed to notice it in a screen full of monsters? If you don't plan to remove it at the very least add a more noticable screen effect...
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I really love Sentinel. But really feeling like moving on till next league or at least till the next patch. Completed the atlas a week ago and killed most of the main bosses with my league starter.

Second build, a slow tanky melee build I've used for four leagues in a row for killing bosses, somehow keeling over to random blue mobs. Not fully built yet but still has, without flasks, 80% phys reduction, capped res (minus Chaos), life regen, life leech, life on warcry, endurance charges, blind nearby enemies, reduced crit damage taken. Has minor amounts of evade at 22% and block at 30%.

Feels like the best route currently, and for a while, has been to keep distance and do enough damage to delete all the packs on the screen before they can hit you.

Leveling process feels better than day one at least.
Glad to see builds that rely on ailments are starting to be able to function again with immunities being reworked.

Some of the AN mods have good visual indications, mana siphoner, ice prison, molten shell, toxic's balls. So many others can't be seen with everything else going on such as with the lightning mirages spawning on top of you and you are using lightning skills (which feels bugged as sometimes they run at you like the have for so long and other times they spawn on top of you). I do like the concept of AN mods but it really feels like it is not ready to replace the old logic just yet.
3.18.0b had 37 pages of feedback (with hotfix), 3.18.0c had 49, and this one only 8, which does not bode well for the players who don't like the AN modifiers.

I am almost certain that GGG train of thought is:
- Any balance can be considered "normal", this is a matter of perspective.
- People here are not right, they are just lazy to shift their definition of normality as we dictate.
- Hence, we should just wait it out, maybe doing cosmetic changes in the meantime, and everyone will follow our vision in time.

However, since GGG are not playing their game (as suggested by that "extensively tested" meme), they might have failed to notice, that many people had already reached the hardcoded limits of abuse and frustration one could endure in a videogame at all, even with rewards for it.

A single patch of nerfs may be fine from time to time, but this game becomes more and more brutal with less and less rewards for years now, and the AN devalues the last amount of tactics remaining, by spamming enemies you cannot possibly evade or defend against, like Effigy.

I think copypasting the same feedback again and again is not pointless, it is the only solution players have left, as GGG only reacts when a lot of people ask.
nope. unless you bring old rares back and remove those 1shotting ground degens, I will not start the game. think I'm not alone in this.
Every time I open my stash since this update I get crash to desktops consistently.

I run a AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor 3.20 GHz with Windows 10 Pro, my poe is installed correctly, the file were checked bla bla bla.

I get this issue at least once every league please fix it ty.
Seriously, let's talk effigy. In Legion? You know, that whole encounter that's timed and filled with rare monsters that are VERY tanky and deal a lot of damage as is? And that generally covers 4 screens worth of map?
Do you care? Does Chris? Or is the man too busy throwing time and resources at POE2 to see the absolutely horrible way the Archnemesis was implemented and how that has lead to an absolute exodus of players within 2 weeks of league release?
Who do we thank for the "extensively tested" mechanics?
Yeah we just have to make a stand as a community. They don’t seem to realize that the majority of players don’t enjoy crap like AN for no reward, which makes the already borderline job-like grind towards the end game even more miserable. Then you have crap like Effigy which is just a trash mechanic implemented to add to player death counts to artificially create “difficulty” to slow you down.

I for one won’t spend another penny on this game or waste my time with this kind of torture-tedium which makes the game more like a job than a hack and slasher made for enjoyment. Having to put 10 ex in a build (yea I realize that’s not that much, but for many ppl starting league it is) to be able to decently clear yellows, and still getting randomly one shot consistently by some blue pack in white maps is just stupid.

Chris used to say “if they get to maps we’ve got them” in reference to players continuing to play the game. Then why oh why do you continue to make the journey to maps and end game atlas more painful, more tedious, and more annoying? It makes no sense.
I'll applaud you guys once you get rid of ArchNemesis, plenty of posts requesting it be removed, yet GGG doesn't bother listening, you have lost tons of players due to this failure of a league.
Still staying away till you guys rollback AN.

literally this...

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