3.18.0d Patch Notes

not enough.
Good changes. Im going to try HC again
“Not a single item of importance [in the news]. A tower of illusion, all of it, made of illusory bricks and full of holes. If life were made up only of important things, it really would be a dangerous house of glass...So everybody, knowing the meaninglessness of existence, sets his compass to home.”
HH buffs pleeeeeaaase.
Why no nerf to chaos weaver??? Isnt it obvious enough or are you guys just not bothered to test again? Comeon guys do I have to wait another week to even play this league.........
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Grand Heist. I was running to the exit and one room was full of 10 rare mops. I popped my Skeletons and waited the next room for Tibbs opening the door. While feeling safe beacause the action was in a room behind, I just instantly died.

5k hp, 40 chaos res, max spell and attack block. Taunt form minions. 18 armour without flasks.

Your goal was to make rare mops more readable? Even counterplayable? I have no clue what even killed me. I guess that shit Effigy Mop spawned there while standing on a corpse explosion and target by all mops in the room, while connected to me through a wall.

Hell, you failed. This shit is worse than the stuff you created 10 years ago! Remove it, rework it. This league does not deserve it!
I'd like to not die halfway across the map. Just remove archnem, it was a cool league but the actual league mechanic was w/e no need to try and weave it in.

Blight is basically unplayable unless you go full tank since u get bombarded by all the orbs
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so what's the time to increased the reward?
kill a rare monster 10min and got nothing?
I don't mind the difficulty. None of my builds were affected by original AN implementation at the start of the league. But for gods sakes, please make it rewarding.

This is like the 5th trash loot league in a row. Actually, all yellows are significantly worse than ever before, regardless of monster or map difficulty.

Your good affix weights are fubar.
I really dont see why the archnemesis modifiers are not reverted yet.. (Almost) Everyone in the creator community is upset with this update, thousands of normal players are quitting and many thousands more are frustrated (im one of them). So you are actively going against the large majority of the communities wishes. Looking at the history of any company doing this in the past (i.e Activision Blizzard denying that people did not want a classic version of World Of Warcraft) you see nothing but failure.

If the problem is too much time has been put in the update; why not stop digging the hole deeper by needing to rebalance literally the entire game. You can not make the argument "this update has cost a lot of money in development, so we want to keep it in the game" because factoring in the uproar with players quitting etc. You are losing more money than this update took to make (presumably) Thousands and thousands of hours have been wasted for hardcore players losing their characters to extremely unbalanced and unpredictable modifiers/interactions.

If the problem is this is a core vision of the game going forward, then PLEASE just revert the update. While the update is reverted it can be polished (balanced) to the level players have come to expect from you guys. The mechanic works well in normal mapping now, but when interacting with previous league mechanics there is so much work to do that i can not even imagine how much time that will take. If the update is temporarily reverted / pushed to the next league, players will be able to actually prepare for it, and not wait trough the entire league before the implementation is balanced. Alternatively it can temporarily (or permanently) be made a map modifier, like the previous nemesis league modifier.

All in all i believe this is an update tested far too poor in terms of interactions with other content, and is effectively a massive nerf to a lot of builds, without any way for said builds to build around the random mods. Players should have a certain extent of control over what content they chose to engage with. This update just forces you against random mobs that hit harder than map bosses, and can nearly be impossible for you build to kill. All around it just feels terrible, from rewards, to interactions with other game mechanics, and just generally an unbalanced and untested mess. The utmost largest amount of the community is upset with this update. PLEASE do something drastic, instead of slowly balancing this mess over many months.

You as a company is losing money, the community is extremely upset, and a lot of people at GGG is probably stressed and overworked. This is a lose lose situation, and i really hope personally this is taken care of soon. But not just for myself, for the entire community and everyone working at GGG. This post is not a black and white "Do it this way!", i made this to give some inspiration on ways to resolve the problem. Because the way is stands now, everyone is just having a bad time.
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No. You all wrong, archnemesis is not even a big deal. The real problem is their balance to endgame bosses and loots you can get from level 84 and 85(which you unlock with atlas passive skills).

What they have been thinking carrying over most decent loots from level 84 bosses like Exarch and Sirus to level 85 versions of it? Level 85 versions are like 10 times stronger and you are already supposed to be packed with like 300-500ex worth items to kill them. And only then you can farm expensive loot from them? But do you even need expensive loot if you are ALREADY packed with 300-500ex gear? Where is the logic? HELLO.

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