3.18.0d Patch Notes

The fact that you've had to patch and nerf arch-nemesis so much just shows how bad this idea was in the first place.
Jesus Christ, GGG. Just have the guts to admit that you were wrong. This torturously slow Nerf to AN to make them resemble a reasonable rate/magic mob system is just sad.
How thick headed are you? A huge portion of players HATE this system.
What are you trying to prove with this social experiment?
öÖö8228 wrote:
stop nerfing mobs :'(

You want harder mobs, take off your armor. There you go now their harder, leave the rest of us out of it
Fix stash tabs, fix harvest, fix the crashes!
endless lightning mirage spam in delve feels really good. and since its on hit effect, line of sight doesnt matter, it can be 2 screens away.
i'm 100% sure its intended and properly tested (as usual).
I just feel to waste my time, killing end map bosses under 5s and stay more than 1min on essence or harvest mobs.
Combo lottery of archnemesis mods could bricks the map if u can't avoid it.
I don't want to play this game anymore, a blue mob can be stronger and
frightening than a juicy end map boss. Now the game is unbalanced and boring.

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Changes was'nt as good as the presented it. It's just a little step forward but they i think the need is a big step backward with monsters. Some of them were unkillable, most of them were just one shot kill without any chance to understand why... blight map and blight events are trash now...

The Headhunter buff is just some words put here and there to make the player less disappointed but we all knows the buff will never happened because GGG never do buffs for the player.
GGG can you stop to use the player base like a beta testers? can you? This changes could have been implemented from day 1 league. STOP USE THE PLAYER BASE LIKE A BETA TESTERS GROUP!
Problem: there was no problem
Solution: they created one
"can you please fix things oneshotting a pretty decent character out of no where, when nothing else has been? There are so many HC deaths that make NO sense this league, and people are getting fed up because its one thing to die to something that you know what killed you, its another to walk in and instadie and go "wtf?" even watching some of the Death Videos, you can't tell what kills people."

This happened to me after this patch, for the first time.

Was in the Dune map and there were no mobs onscreen. I just died, suddenly and instantly. WTF?

I haven't died in this map in forever, not even close with 5200ES and CI and nearly max block and res.
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Let's compare.

"Increased Chaos Resistance"
"More Life"
"Increased Spell Block"



The main objective of Archnemsis has failed. I don't know what abilities a mob has. This is a step backwards.


PoE is less fun.

I'm avoiding stuff like Blight, MetaMorph, and Heist, etc because of Archnemsis

PoE is less fun.

Rares are more dangerous than bosses and less rewarding because of Archnemsis.

PoE is less fun.

Because of Archnemsis, the frequently numerous degens and debuffs that can occur at once makes the effort to build up a character to be pointless.

PoE is less fun.

I can't memorize 60 Archnemsis tags and the 5 modifiers that go with each tag. I can no longer look at a mob and know what I am facing because of Archnemsis.

PoE is less fun.

I've played PoE for over 10 years but I don't trust GGG's ability to consistently identify what is important to adjust; to successfully design and test; and to completely and accurately communicate - because of Archnemsis.

PoE is less fun.

I don't trust GGG can fix Archnemsis so I can look at a mob and knows its abilities. "If you're melee, don't worry, these Fortify changes will be fine" - uh, no, not yet. The answer was to tweak the old system. Now I fear that, like the disastrous Fortify changes, this will never be as good as before.

PoE is less fun.

10 years of experience, process improvement, and lessons learned and they seemingly rush in a game-wide change with little forethought, consideration, and actual gameplay testing.


I don't understand what GGG is striving for as a company. It sells entertainment. It should want lots of players and those players buying stuff because they are happy with the product. Archnemsis isn't a pillar to that goal, for sure. My wallet stayed shut this league and I see player retention is dismal -

- because of Archnemsis.

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