Rare and Magic Monster Balance

Looking forward to trying the changes. I don't how many deaths I racked up in Act 1 but it was a lot!
well, this was 1st time in years where I was rly scared to see rare mobs charging at me :D
Yep, clearly was untested again, but what about their drop rate?
I did not have a problem with their difficulty, I actually liked them being harder.
But got constantly disappointed as any non-sentinel touched monster dropped absouletily nothing.
All-time non-streamer luckless dropless rewardless tons-of-time-playing non-TFT-er 100% solo player.
Purely solo mapping-delving 3.17 HC lvl 1 to 100 in 6d 8h - 5 raw exalteds; that is my seed.
A LITTLE overtuned ?
You basically admitted you used the player base to test the new approach...
I uninstalled POE to fit ER on my tiny SSD a while ago.
My new SSD is coming this week and I see no reason to reinstall it. Real shame...

I hope POE 2 will be worth it all

Also, feel sorry for the new players this is their first league
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At least I got to play the campaign while it was fun again. Felt good to actually care about monsters.

We have 15000 players at 72+ now, so more than that in maps, and probably 50000 more late in the back half of the acts, out of the usual 250-300k concurrent. It's not just the 1% zooming through.
Le Toucan Will Return
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MaxW81 wrote:
What about that mod that kills RF builds on sight?
That as clearly tested gg

imagine, not being able to play around that xD
complain more instead of adapting and overcoming problems.
It was interesting to a degree. Playing around the challenge means taking things you otherwise wouldn't. Life on hit, stun or blind, knockbacks, etc.

The problem as always is the severe imbalance between skills and even passives. If you were doing this content with sub standard skills you were not having fun.

Most of us aren't interested in racing or playing meta builds. So it makes sense the data shows a lot more deaths than usual.
This is absolutely unacceptable, up to what point was this extensive playtesting done?
This is a new record, people are quitting the league on day one, getting through the campaign is one thing, its rough but doable, but doing any other content or god forbid mixing multiple contents together in maps is a death sentence. Metamorphs are literally unkillable, most other content is insane. HOW WAS THIS TESTED!?
Yeah, sure you might be able to backpedal yourself out of this in a couple weeks, but ain't nobody got time for that.

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